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bunnies, bunnies everywhere

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posted Monday, 6 August 2007

Since we got an all text entry last time, here's an almost all pics one of what's been going on in the house this afternoon.  Jen veto'ed herself, Daniele put up Eric as the repl-nom.  Everyone is scurrying around.  It still looks like Kail is going, which is stupid.  Jameka and Amber have come to the conclusion that Eric is full of shit, but they still feel like they have to keep him.  Dick's spilling the truth all over the house, but that just seems to piss people off.  Jen and Kail proclaimed a pseudo-truce with Dick, but it doesn't really mean much.  Eric still a tool, and Dustin is still King of the Drips.  It's still going to be all about who wins the next HOH.  And I'm still rooting for Zach.

 D'oh.  Was America's Choice for me to be nominated?  (Yes, you Tool, it is!  And we choose for you to vote yourself out!)



bunny dani    bunny jen    bunny kail    bunny zach    2 buns

Dustin Threatens Zach..."Don't make a deal with the Donatos!"

Dick Threatens Dustin..."Don't make a deal with the Donatos?  Are you kidding me? Fuck you Dustin! Fuck you!"

dust threatens zach    dick threatens dust

After a ceremony, Amber cries...and Dick smiles? 

amber cries    dick smiles

The Two Faces of Kail 


The Least Likely Alliance...Who woulda thunk it?...And don't believe it.


And LotD goes to quoted by Dick: "I made lists of people I want in the house and people I want out of the house, and Dick, you're on both lists."


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