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the Tool is dead, long live the Tool

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posted Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Well....things went almost according to plan.

Thursday's show was fast-fast-fast paced.  A quick recap from Julie for us, then she breaks the double eviction news to the HGs.  Teary pleas from both Jessica and Jameka, a quick vote, and Jess is out the door.  Without a word to Dick or Daniele, I might add.  I think she's the first one this year to just blatantly not say goodbye.

Out with Julie, she admits that Eric caused her problems, but she said she did trust him and her feelings were legit.  His goodbye message is so sappy it's sad.  He declares his love on video.  Whatever.  Maybe he does care but...well, I don't.

Then at the commercial break...we get to tell the Tool what to do.  Eh?  I don't know about this.  With no prior notice, only half the viewers have the show truly live.  Whatever. Again.  The HOH comp. was the typical before and after that we tend to get this time of year.  Daniele was clearly freaking out. And then, before you can say "daddy dearest," Dick is HOH.  Julie asks Daniele to lead the hamsters inside--the cue to Tool that she was his target.  What?  Who voted in this, Eric's family?  There was no chance.  He made a half-hearted effort, joking with Dick that surely Daniele was going up.  But, no.  Eric and Jameka, take a seat.

Quick like a bunny, out to play the POV.  It's a bouncy ball comp.  Jameka gets a slight shaft when a mis-colored ball bounces right into her tube.  Julie tells her she's DQ'ed.  She protests, but it wouldn't matter anyway b/c Zach wins it.  They hop back inside, Zach says...not gonna do it; wouldn't be prudent... And then it's another quick vote, and the Tool goes out.  He at least says goodbye, no hard feelings, and points out that they've sent the "Philadelphia lawyer" to the jury house to campaign as he wishes.  Dani makes a last ditch pitch, saying it's soooo not personal blah blah blah.

Eric trots out and Julie tells him the good news.  He's won $40K, and he gets to go hang out with Jessica.

The feeds stay off for quite a while and when we come back....Zach is HOH.  Finally winning a string of comps has inflated his ego like no one's business.  Big Brother asks them to pack Eric, and they do.  It's only fair; he packed for Jessica.

packed tool

Daniele whines and whines and whines.  Apparently she lost HOH by 1 number in a tie-breaker question.  And she seems to have forgotten that F4 is all about the POV.


At the end of the show, Julie gave us the rundown....Sunday is F4 HOH and noms, Tuesday POV, and "special" live eviction.  Then Thursday the Final HOH is announced and evicts the final hamster.  I guess Sunday will be jury questions, etc.  And then the finale. 

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