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hey, yea! it's Jedi Janie!

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posted Wednesday, 5 September 2007
Having Janelle come to host the veto comp. was fun.  And her showing up for a chat was the most interesting thing that's aired on the feeds in weeks.  She told us all about how much she likes Dick and Daniele, and how she thinks Eric is just a Tool.  She didn't appreciate his Miss Piggy comments and such, but she was very clear that she's got more self-esteem in her pinky toe than he has in total, so it didn't get to her.  And he was already her "least favorite HG" (her quote).  She called Dick "a charming gentleman," which I'm sure was puzzling to many people.  She did say she didn't like his nastiness toward Jen.  I don't know that I'd ever call Dick a gentleman, but I could see what she was saying.  In response to how she would have handled Dick if she'd been in Jen's shoes, Janelle said "Dick's the kind of guy who just needs to be called a beefcake.  You have to butter him up, and Jen just wouldn't do that."  That kind of insight is exactly why Janelle got so far in the game 2 years in a row, and why she's loved by fans everywhere.
She also gave us some rumour updates: while at CBS for her hosting gig, she heard that Jen was trying to leave sequester (Janelle doesn't think she actually left, but speculated that Jen's unhappiness may be why we haven't seen any footage from the jury house...and we aren't likely to this week w/the double eviction, etc.).  She also put to rest the banner rumours...she had nothing to do with any banner planes, and she's annoyed she's getting blamed for the one about Eric.
Back in the house, Jessica attempts to pack.  She has so much stuff, and so few packing skills, that when brute force doesn't work she has to accept Eric's help. Later on Jameka wanders by and pitches in too.  They finally get it all crammed in there.  A few hours later Eric comments to Daniele that the room looks deserted.  She responds that in 24 hours it will be back to normal when Jessica empties the suitcase.  The comment gives Jess and the Tool some reassurance that Dick and Dani are keeping her.  In reality, they're still planning to offer Jameka "a deal" and kick Jess.  Don't feel bad for Tool and his pet though...all the while they're worried about D&D betraying them, they're plotting how they will nominate D/D if either J/E wins the next HOH.
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Jameka still seems to believe she's getting kicked on Thursday.  And she's displeased.  If/When she stays she probably won't credit Dick and Daniele, but rather herself or the power of prayer.  As much as I'd like to see the Tool kicked as the 2nd eviction, I kind of think it might be Jameka.  She's already packed, so it would be convenient. 
Daniele's been working out more in the last week more than the entire rest of the season combined.  Mostly she's just bored, but she's also ready for just about any comp BB throws at her.  And Dick and Daniele are still the strongest alliance in there, no matter how much they bicker. Oh yeah, and Zach's still there.
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Jessica seems pretty close to understanding that going along with Tool's plan is what got her into this pickle.  And when she meets Julie on Thursday, she'll be sure of it.  I'm not exactly sure how she'll feel when she finds out he is the Tool, but I'm pretty sure it won't be good.  Maybe he'll share some of that $40K with her.  Doubtful, though.  He's basically done Tool'ing now.  20 tasks completed, only 4 more task times left.
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