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the more things change

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posted Monday, 3 September 2007

...the more they stay the same.  You know how it goes.

Daniele didn't use the veto.  I'm not surprised, but maybe a little disappointed.  I was really hoping to be rid of the Tool.  If Dick or Dani wins HOH in the fast-forward, he may go then.  But if Eric wins it, I'm guessing Daniele walks the plank.  Guess we'll have to wait and see.  For now, Jessica and Jameka are still on the block.



Shortly after noms are confirmed, Dick pulls Jameka aside and "breaks the bad news...she's off to the jury house."  He tells Eric and Jess the same thing, and the only one who seems suspicious is Jessica (it's all a lie, at the moment, Dick and Daniele are planning to send Jessica out, but want it to be a last minute surprise to throw Eric off for the HOH comp).

 e up

The rest of the day is a whole lot of nothing.  Most of them sleep.  Dick pops his head into the workout room to tell Daniele he "love[s her] very much."  This line is getting old, and she voices my exact thought..."that was random."  She's so bored, she plays with Saran wrap, and then bakes cookies (snickerdoodles, to be precise).

j    d

tired line    play    snickers

Zach's the only one who seems happy.  He might have reason to be.  If D/D/E all focus on each other, he might just be making it to the Final 4.  I would start to say that certain F2 options are as boring as all get out, but the whole thing is just that.  I'm still rooting for Dick and Daniele.  They've played the best game...but we all know how that goes in the world of BB.


At this point, the best thing we have to look forward to is Tuesday's show, where we get Janelle back...if only for a moment....


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