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is there a doctor in the house?

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posted Saturday, 1 September 2007

Because these hamsters need some serious resuscitation.

And for all the low ratings and criticism of All-Stars, at least we had Dr. Will in the house "making good TV" and "knowing his role."  Things got boring toward the end, but really only around F3 (coincidentally, after Will left).  But this year has been going downhill for a while...or maybe it was never uphill.

Jessica and Jameka are nominated, as expected.  They're barely fazed...everyone saw it coming.

j1    j2

Late Friday night, they get the word that the veto comp will be played that night, not Saturday as normal.  We, of course, already know that they're getting a very special host: Janelle!  When we get the feeds back in the wee hours of the morning...Janelle has come and gone, and Daniele has won the veto.


Dick and Daniele realize that with this veto win, they really hold the power this week.  She can decide who's on the block, and together they pick the evictee.  Dick's so giddy (and apparently over being "so over" his daughter) that he can't sleep.  Neither can Daniele.  Jess and Jameka are worried.  Daniele told them she won't use the veto, but in reality, she's thinking about it.  She's also trying to figure out who should go.  There's lots of father-daughter waffling; nothing has been decided.

won't use it

dani    dick

It could be Jessica, it could be Eric, but most likely D&D will stick with the original plan, and Jameka will be headed off to sequester this week.  But, of course, what no one in the house knows, is that she'll have a travel companion due to "fast forward" week on Thursday. 

e    jess   jam

And if all does remain according to plan, Zach will probably be walking out next.  Or will Daniele overrule her dad?  


will she    thumbs down

Daniele's on track to do quite well, but we all know how quickly things get sidetracked.  Keeping Zach would be a good play for her, but will she realize it?  And even if she does, will she be able to save him?

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