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and so it begins....

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posted Thursday, 30 August 2007

Okay, first (but first) the show:

We got a profile of Jameka and her church (big whoop).  Then some chat from Eric's brother and the mystery maybe-ex maybe-not g/f....she's an ex.  Okay.  He's still a tool.  Amber was evicted 3-1.  She cried.  What a shocker.

What was a bit of a shocker was that it is not a double-eviction week.  Instead we get a second endurance comp.  I guess now that we're not getting the overnight endurance comps like S5 and S6, they can thrown in more than one (or more than 2 if you count the F3 endurance).

It's a race to fill the fishbowls using seems from the get-go that Zach has it wrapped.


bowls     wrap    zach

It seems they make some sacrifices (hot water for the week, and maybe a phone call?) to get extra teacups.  In the end it doesn't matter, at almost exactly the 2 hour mark, Zach is finally HOH.

xtra cups

zach hoh

Jameka and Jess can't play...but they're stressing all the same.  Who knows what Zach will do.  He's been playing both sides and he's told them each what they want to hear.  But now he's on the spot.  And it's like he's hearing me...he's said he'll nom Jess and Jameka, and b-d Eric, if he can.


bye jam    no jess

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