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and then there were four

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posted Thursday, 6 September 2007

We know we're getting to the endgame when the little table appears.  And there it is.  Ten hamsters down, two more to go.


lil table


Bitterness abounds in the BB house.  A little while after Zach won HOH, Dick suddenly realizes that he didn't get any of the HOH perks due to the fast-forward.  He wants a letter from his son, etc.  Janelle didn't complain a bit last year when she was in the same situation, but then she'd already had, what, 3 previous weeks in the room.  Daniele is still upset that she missed HOH by such a narrow margin.

Zach does get his HOH room and basket, which contains something from an "ex" girlfriend, who he is now talking about all the time, and saying he's "there for her" and "she better be waiting" when he gets out.  Huh?  This is all new.  But we're seeing lots of sides of Zach we haven't seen before.  After weeks of playing all sides, but seeming to be most loyal to Dick and Daniele, he's suddenly hating them.  And after being Jameka's biggest detractor, he's now her new best friend.  He says's she's restored his faith in God (Ogre say wha-at?), and he asks her to pray with him.

awkward    prayer

Dick does get his HOH basket, with a letter from his son.  He tells Daniele that he and Vincent had worked out a "code" before the game.  Something about initials of who could and could not be trusted, and something about "I broke up w/ my g/f" or "things are good w/ my g/f" (I didn't catch what the meaning was supposed to be of each phrase, or which was used).  None of it matters anyway.  We're down to F4 and Dick knows exactly where everyone stands.  They all do.


Nominations go as expected, Dick and Daniele are up (Zach says they've "dominated" the game).  They finally seem to remember that this week it's all about the veto.  Maybe being on the block will give them the motivation to fight harder.  Daniele says she's playing hurt (fell on her wrist during the bouncy ball comp.; claims Eric pushed her).  It's stress-fest 2007 in there now, as we all wait for this comp. 

dan    dick    jam    zac

The gloves are off and the game is ON! 


game    on

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