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damn skippy

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posted Friday, 7 September 2007

Jameka: Damn, just damn, all around damn.  Damn, damn, damn.


Guess God told her it was okay to swear now.  Or maybe just realizing that He didn't pre-ordain her as the winner of BB8, was enough to push her over the edge.

They all spent the morning stressing, stretching, praying, and pacing getting ready for the POV.  When the feeds came back, Dick was on the rampage, yelling that Zach was getting "nothing" out of this game.  Which was odd.  It took a minute before it became clear that this is Dick's way of expressing joy.  Daniele won another POV.  And how.  It sounds like neither Zach or Jameka came close, and Dick was a close second.

veto champ

They're back to being cocky.  Talking about how they have guaranteed that one of them will win the game, and probably that they'll be the F2.  Dick's starting to sound like Willboogie and their talk about doing the F2 interview from the pool, ED's talking about how they should win parts 1 and 2 of final HOH, and then just be silly with the questions. And we all saw how that worked out for Chilltown.

Zach has said if he does get the final HOH, he's taking Daniele.  That might be good for peace and personal safety, but not so good a game move.  On the other hand, he might just be trying to keep Dick calm, thinking Daniele is guaranteed F2.

zach    dick dances

Otherwise, it's true confession time.  They're outing all the alliances, secret convos, etc.  Jameka's hearing it all.  And it's all still strategy.  Everyone knows she's off to the jury house, so they're campaigning for her vote and trying to send her off with the right messages for the other jurors.

Here they are, America.  Your final 4:


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