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the end is here

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posted Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Well, it's a wrap for BB8.  Dick won, 5-2, with Jen and Jameka being the 2 votes for Daniele.


The jury questioning was some of the most bitter ever.  Amber's question to Daniele (Why should I vote for you to win when you cheated on your bf on national TV?) was out of line, if you ask me.  It really had nothing to do with the game, just Daniele's personal life.  Doesn't Amber remember how she felt when Eric dragged her personal life into the game?  Even putting that aside though, Dick did answer the questions better.  He managed to say a few nice things about most of the jurors, and did show that he made some pretty big game moves.  And that's exactly why Daniele was ticked after the questioning.  It sounded like they'd agreed not to campaign against each other, but that doesn't mean they didn't have the right to campaign for themselves.  If Daniele held back on selling herself/her game, that's her fault.

In the end, Daniele said she was happy for her dad, and did feel as if they had won.  She sounded sincere, and I think she would have liked to win, but honestly (©Daniele) Dick did play the better overall game.  And he is her dad, so I'm sure he'll share those winnings in some way.  Hopefully they won't have another relationship breakdown over money!

Vincent and Dick's mom/Daniele's grandmother both came off really well in their little Julie interview.  It was cute hearing mom/grandma saying the healing in the relationship was a miracle, and her comment that they would have worked things out eventually, but BB helped it to happen sooner adds some credence to the twist.  I know there are still a lot of people who think Dick and Dani were plotting together all along and their whole "bad relationship" was an act.  I've always said that I believe their problems are real, and I hope they manage to work them out.  But I also hope no one thinks that 3 months on a reality show is all it takes to fix something like that.  Some of that $550K needs to go to therapy.

Not a lot from the first five evictees.  Carol and Joe got asked about Jessica and Dustin, and both said nice things.  Dustin's response was so Dustin-ish.  You could almost see the cape and crown.  The whole Nick situation was odd.  Nick continues to come off ambiguous...sitting there, he looked like he had his arm around Joe.  But it really did seem like he wanted to see Daniele, and she sure seemed happy to see him (he was the first one she hugged after coming out of the house).  Whatever happens, I wish her the best.

The only vote comment worth mentioning was Jen's: "I'd rather be voting for anyone other than the two of you, but I have to vote for one of you."

As expected, the Tool reveal was the best part of the show.  No one was shocked that Eric did most of the stuff (mustard, votes, etc.), but they also never would have guessed the reason.  Dick seemed the most amused by the mimicking.  He didn't seem to quite get how big it was that America kept him in the game Week 6.  That might sink in later, but who knows.  I still give him the credit; we wouldn't have voted to keep him he wasn't playing well.  Jen managed to insult us by calling us childish for the mustard prank.  She might revise that when/if she realizes that we didn't pick the task, or tell him exactly what to do.  I still say that was one of the stupidest Tool Tasks, though it did create a lot of drama.  Jessica took the Tool news the way Jessica took most things.  She was a little surprised, but as she said, she just can't get mad at Eric.  There's another showmance that who knows what will happen in the real world, but I wish them both the best.  I do have to say, I don't see Eric moving to Kansas.

Some of the follow-up press should be interesting.  I'm curious how/if Amber will respond to questions about her racist/anti-semitic comments.  I'm also curious if Eric will get called out for his incest comments, and what he'll say about that.  And if Jameka apologizes for the "yo momma is a bitch" comment.

The re-feeds should be starting up shortly.  I have zero interest in the replay this year.  And if you want to relive the best of the feeds, well, that's what youtube is for.

Congratulations Dick and Daniele!

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Competition, strategy, relationships...the 3 aspects of Big Brother...they played them all...together. Good show!

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