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final analysis

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posted Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Before the votes are in, I guess I ought to make my jury predictions.  It's not terribly exciting this year, b/c it seems everyone, including Daniele, assumes Dick will win.  Mostly I'm looking forward to the reactions when everyone finds out about the Tool.

I'm guessing when it's all over, Dick will win 6-1.  I'm thinking Jen will vote for Daniele b/c a.) she hates Dick and b.) she values competitive strength so highly.  The rest of them may go back and forth a bit, but in the end, I'm guessing they all vote for Dick.  They think he ran Daniele's HOH weeks, and that he did all the dirty work to keep her safe when necessary.  It's probably the right way to go.  One of the real questions for me is how would each have done w/o the other.  I think Daniele would never have made it to the end without Dick.  Dick would have had a harder time w/o Daniele, but there's a good chance he would have made it.  But they do owe each other a lot.'s been fun.  I'll be back later with a final blog entry about the finale.  Check the sidebar for pages with some screencap collections, and my final analysis of each hamster.  I hope all of you out there in blog-reader land have enjoyed the season and my take on it.  (I still can't believe the traffic this site gets during BB, but it is much appreciated and part of what motivates me to keep going.)  If there is a BB9 (they're now asking for applicants, so that's a good sign) I'll be back.  And if you enjoyed my general snarkiness, etc., check back for my commentary on other shows in the BB off-season. Smile

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