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and ding-ding, there's round 2 done

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posted Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Dick won HOH part 2, so naturally Daniele is pouting.  He keeps reminding her it's all about part 3.  Oh, and they didn't get a car.  Dick says it was a hard competition.  And if it was at all physical, props to him for pulling it out after what he went through last night.

dani sulks    dick, part 2 winner

We also got a chat with Howie and Kaysar tonight.  It was entertaining, though not as good as Janelle's last week.  They both made some good points about the relative merits to the gameplay of Dick and Daniele.  Neither seemed to think Zach deserves to win, but both considered it a possibility.  Personally, I'm all for a Dick/Daniele F2.  It would definitely be the most interesting.  And I'm betting that's what CBS wants too.  Howie and Kaysar both acknowledged how the DR plants ideas and maybe "steers" the HGs a bit.  Howie also said what I've always thought, that the producers want things to go in such a way that it makes a good show, so if planting paranoia or manipulating evictions a bit gets them there, they'll do it.  At the same time, they are held to FCC rules not to "fix" the game.  That doesn't mean they can't influence it though.

Best part of the chat was when they got the question of what was the funniest moment in BB8.  They came up with one of my personal favorites:  Amber praying in the DR, crying of course and saying "Hi God, it's me Amber.  I'm on the block again....God bless you, God."

Oh, and Jedi Howie brought his light sabre. Of course.

howie kaysar chat    jedi power

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