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clang, and end round 1

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posted Wednesday, 12 September 2007

It was a dark and stormy night...and a long night.  It seems the spinning bunny did malfunction, and never started spinning again after knocking Daniele off her carrot.  It was unclear what the new rules were, but basically Dick and Zach stood on their carrots in a downpour of really cold water until around 2:15 AM BBT.  By the end they were both shaking and chattering, but Zach was holding up a little bit better.  Daniele tried to be a cheerleader, but wasn't too effective.  In the end, she told him "it's fine, do what you need to do" (and sounded quite sincere about it).  Dick let go of his key, it clanged on the post, and Zach won part I of the the Final HOH.






big d   little d


 For once everyone was pretty gracious in the BB house.  Zach told Dick "that was amazing."  Daniele gave them both towels and later made them tea, soup and grilled cheese.  We even heard the BB producers asking them if they were okay, and telling Dick to "take all the time you need, buddy" with his cigarette before going in for the lockdown while they tore down the comp.  Daniele even stopped whining about the bunny malfunction, admitting that she never would have lasted near as long as the guys in any case.

Oh, and at some point they remembered to congratulate Zach. 


ow     key



the end



I'm sure BB wanted them to bunny hop for the whole comp. and have it end a bit sooner.  But I'm guessing they're happy with the outcome.  Most likely Daniele will win part 2, and part 3 will actually matter.  All's quiet in the house today, as they wait for the next comp.  No indication of when it will be, though supposedly they were told it would be today.  Could be a nighttime event though.  Something with lights?  Dick and Daniele seem sure there will be a car prize involved also.  It sounds like they got the official word on this (b/c Dick said something about 'if neither of us finish in time he [Zach] gets the car'; but that could have been speculation).

We'll see.  And by this time tomorrow, we will be well on our way to the F2. 

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