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this could go all night

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posted Wednesday, 12 September 2007

It's getting on toward 9 PM BBT (aka SHOWtime), and they're still hoppin'.

Due to the later start of Tuesday shows this comp didn't start until 7PM BBT but it's still pushing the other endurance comps of the season so far.  They're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from $500K, and no one's giving in yet.  Daniele is struggling, crying, shivering and everything else.  But she's determined, too.  If Zach wins this, Dick will throw part 2 to Dani (maybe) and she'll battle Zach in the questions.  If Daniele wins this it's quite possible that Zach wins part 2 and the outcome is the same.  But if Dick wins here....well, then it gets interesting.

As for the show, interesting that they let Daniele use the veto on Dick to "pay him back" (previously BB and told them that wasn't an option).  They're clearly banking on the whole father/daughter reunion storyline.  We all saw the Zach/Jameka prayer thing coming.  That was kind of a low play by Zach.  Jameka's faith is 100% legit, and for Zach to try to use it for gameplay is pretty bad.  Not the lowest play we've seen all season, for sure.  But still.  And in the veto comp, shouldn't anyone who had zero as the first digit have realized it was wrong?  Otherwise, good show.  Good job of building suspense, even for those of us who knew the outcome. And wow, they finally show the jury house?  What was up with that?  Did they just get them all together last weekend?  They managed to have everyone in the clothes they hit the door in, which is a little fake seeming.  Julie's questions were awesome for once.  Thank you, Julie, for calling Zach on the "faith in God" thing, and giving Jameka the chance to roll her eyes at him.  And thanks for pointing out Dick's strategy.  While I'm on the subject of the "the Chenbot," she's not been very bot-like this year.  I haven't heard a major flub yet.  Well, except when she called Eric Nick, giving away the answer to a question.  But she recovered well, so we'll forgive her.

Nothing real to report yet.  They're all still standing as of Hour 2 of the comp.  So, it's all pics for now. As of 12:02 (my time, EDT), Showtime has started and so has the sh!t-talk from Dick--with encouragement (and a smile) from Daniele.




They're all in the game.

daniele    dick    zach




Daniele's cold. 




talk, dad

Daniele tells her dad to talk to Zach.


Dick starts in on Zach.



Zach's tuning him out.

hand exchange

But he does have to change/adjust his hands. 


The little smile from Daniele. (Thanks, Dad!)


Update: 9:42 BBT, Daniele is down.  I didn't see how it happened (frickin' feeds keep freezing!), but she's sobbing in the shower now.  Dick promises he's there "all night long."  We'll see.  He's still on Zach, and now Zach is laughing maniacally, and trying to give it right back to him.  But Dick's the expert dick.  Who knows who will hold on to that key the longest, though.


dani    down    shower
still dick    still laughing
Further update:  It looks like Daniele fell when the rabbit "died" right around her "carrot stump."  We've been in blue flush for a while now.  BB voice came on and told Zach and Dick they were "working on a problem" right before the flush.  Check out the video (from bbfan) and judge for yourself if it was "fair" or not. 
Dick's still sh!t talking, from what we're seeing in between flushes.  Expect whining from Daniele to be forthcoming. ("It's not faaair!")  Whether it was or not, that's life in the Big Brother house (was it "fair" when Cowboy's hand slipped off his key while helping Diane with her hair on BB5? Or when Janelle was DQ'd for not keeping 2 hands on her key on BB7 when the rules weren't clear?).


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