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year of the Donatos

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posted Thursday, 13 September 2007

Okay, I'll say Final 2 in years!

I know a lot of people don't like Daniele, and especially Dick.  But these two played the best game of BB8, hands down.  And they played it in different ways.  But they had the Rock Solid Alliance (©Jase BB5, via hamsterwatch) of the year and that's what got them to the end.  It's sort of like Will and Janelle Light.  Daniele was this year's EngergizerCompetitor, and Dick was the Master Manipulator.  Daniele's no Janelle, and Dick's certainly no Will.  But this isn't All-Stars, so it's all good.

They made it, they deserved it.  We'll see who gets the bragging rights, but at the end of the day (©Dr. Will), it really doesn't matter.  The Donatos won the game.  Together.

daniele dick


P.S.  I find it really funny that CBS keeps airing University of Phoenix commercials during BB with the line "I'm not a hamster, and life isn't a wheel." 

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