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For Entertainment Purposes Only

logo It is just a game....

How many times have we heard them say that? It is just a game and it's supposed to be fun. I mean, sure, they're in it for the money, but most of them leave without it, so they might as well enjoy the time they have in the house. And for us, it's supposed to be pure entertainment.

BB8 wasn't the best in the entertainment department, but it did have it's moments. Here are some of the good times....

The Dick @ Nite Show

Early on, Dick @ Nite was a major highlight of the feeds. He could always be counted on to be awake and chatty when we East Coasters were getting up to go to work. And he'd talk to us. He'd have fun with the hamsters too. Playing "hide the bunny" or otherwise messing with things in the house. Or making breakfast to mock Eric-on-slop. That was the Dick we came to know and love. Even later on when the entertainment factor was waning, we had hope that the old Dick @ Nite would be back.

hide the bunnies breakfast for Eric dick at nite

The Strongest Man Contest

It was one of the few moments of formal entertainment from the BB8 hamsters. It wasn't as good as the All-Stars rock video, but it was still fun to watch. It was early on when they were all still pretty much friends. And before they'd kicked all the hot guys.

there they are mike nick jess

Bunny Suits and Unitards

Sometimes the fun came courtesy of Big Brother. Whenever they had to dress up, it was amusing to watch them try to have serious conversations or find creative ways to wear something after five days. One thing I never could figure out--why did they call it a "unitard?" As if there's some other sort of leotard? And King Dustin was just too funny....and not in the way he meant to be. And then there were all those dunkings....

unitard dani-bunny kail bunny zach bunny

dunking king dustbin

Bath Buddies and Beer Pong

Notice how Jessica is always right in the middle of all the fun?

bbs bp creepy bath buddies

Dancing in the House

Had Carol tried a little harder, she might have twirled her way into a few more hearts. But as it happened, we didn't see the fun side of her until it was too late. She played with the camera and talked to it a bit at the end, and though she was really bitter and ready to be kicked by then, it was fun to watch. And then after Carol was gone we really saw Jessica twirling her way into the hearts of the HGs and the viewers.

camgirl dance girl

twirl girl

Dick Rocks

BB would have to mute the sound...but it was always fun to watch Dick rockin' out to whatever CD he had that week.

dick rocks up the banister