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digging in

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posted Monday, 25 June 2007

As all the bb addicts/livefeeders prepare to burrow in for the season, we're once again in the position of having to decide if we want to stand up and say "Hi my name is Mysti and and I'm a BBaholic."  I've always kept my BB addiction pretty quiet, just maybe making the occasional odd comment, some explained, some not.  The more of a feed junkie you become though, the harder it is to keep secret, but also the more embarrassing it might be if it gets out.  It's actually not so much that I'm embarrassed, as that I don't really want to waste the time and effort of trying to explain BB to someone who doesn't care or isn't going to get it.  Now, if I can recruit a new member to the cult, that's cool.  Plus one more person for me to talk to about this.

This is on my mind right now b/c I sort of "confessed" my "problem" to someone recently.  On the one hand it gives me the opportunity to innundate someone with BB vids and screen caps.  On the other hand, it points out how incredibly complicated this whole universe is.

No one can be told what Big Brother is.  You just have to experience it.

I've been following a couple of threads on BB discussion at joker's updates, about staying in the bb closet.  My first thought when I saw the thread was "oh, thank god I'm not the only one." Tongue out

And for all the addicts out there....

9 days 21 hours 27 minutes until BB8!

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