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withholding judgment

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posted Friday, 6 July 2012



And we're....almost....back. Less than a week away from the BB14 premiere, and so far I'm actually doing what I've been threatening for the past few seasons: staying away from pre-season interviews. I'm trying to stick with just the basics this year--names and faces. I have checked in with a few of my favorite BB sites so I've got a little beyond that such as some ages, professions and random relatives. But for the most part I'm successfully withholding judgement. But to undermine my efforts a little bit, BB is again bringing back re-runs. Then again, my conclusions on re-runs are based on already having watched them on BB, which is obviously a much better gauge on how much I'll like them on the show than the pre-season interviews. And though I would kind of like a whole new cast for once, I have to admit I enjoyed the re-runs last year. And it seems that this year they won't be exactly in the running for the big prize, but rather competing in some way against each other for the role of best repeat.

That's all for now from myBBPOV. We're working on getting the site all BB14-ized, and resting up for the sleep deprivation that comes with BB.

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