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posted Wednesday, 27 August 2014

So, sure enough they did Frankie's stupid play as the TA nonsense, and it was even more nonsense-y than the other missions. They did impersonations of the evicted HGs, which ranged from horrible to mildly amusing. But even the highlights didn't justify giving anyone $5K for it. There's certainly no argument for giving 3 of them money for simply suggesting that everyone join in.

The Wednesday show did do quite a number on them, for once showing Frankie in a really bad light. They had some particularly unflattering DRs, and left out most of the highlights of the play. I'm really hoping America votes NO on the mission. Not, as I said in the last entry, because I really care if they get the money or not, but more to send the message that this is not what we want to see.

We had a round of Wednesday Night Waffles, or as I'm calling it this year, Who's the King of the House? There's been some talk amongst Team America about keeping Donny. Right after the veto meeting Frankie and Derrick seemed to be legitimately working to plant seeds to keep him. They were fairly subtle, but it was early. No one was really biting, so it sort of seemed like they gave up.

This evening Frankie got word through DR that Julie would give them a heads' up during the liveshow about the TA nonsense. She's going to ask one of them if they were a HN what food would they like America to vote for them to have. They are to answer "apple pie." Julie will then say either something about the request being granted, meaning mission accomplished, or denied, meaning mission failed. After Frankie fills in Derrick and Donny, Donny wants to talk about the vote. Derrick says it's not looking good, and Frankie basically says "APPLE PIE!" and twirls out of the room.

Derrick starts in on how it's so sad, Frankie won't help, all he'd have to do is talk to Caleb, sorry Donny, Frankie's evil, etc. etc. Donny points out that Caleb said he'd keep Donny if he had the other votes, so if Derrick and Frankie just both tell Caleb they're on board, he's all set. Derrick says he'll see what he can do, but certainly doesn't strain himself to get on that.

A little later Caleb pulls Frankie in the storage room and says he's been thinking they should keep Donny. He's got a bunch of arguments about Nicole being a bigger comp threat, they already voted her out, etc. Frankie immediately, says yes, yes, let's go tell Derrick. They go to Derrick, and unlike with other flips that he's been on board with, Derrick hems and haws and says they'll have to consider the options.

Next Caleb goes up to HOH to talk with Cody. This seems particularly dumb to me. They know Cody wants to keep Nicole, but he has no power left this week, and can't play for HOH, so why not just do what they want and make up with him on the flip side. But that's not Caleb's style. So he lays out his thoughts, Cody says no f'ing way. Frankie and Derrick both show up and eventually Caleb polls the room. Cody says keep Nicole, Frankie says keep Donny, Derrick says he's on the fence.

Later on Frankie tries to win Derrick over, pointing out that they know they have Donny's loyalty through TA, even though they can't tell the others this. Derrick still isn't biting. Caleb joins and he's now sliding back towards keeping Nicole. Cody made the point that though Nicole is maybe an HOH threat, Donny's a POV threat and that matters more at this point. Also Caleb, with his ego the size of Texas, truly believes he'll beat anyone in anything. So he waffles back to kicking Donny.

And with that I think Derrick continues to hold on to King of the House. Listening to him throughout the evening I think that in the end he's getting exactly what he wants. I think he wanted Donny out, but he also wanted him to leave blaming Frankie and thinking that Derrick tried to save him. I'm not sure if Donny really bought the act, but at least there's a chance. And though Donny might not target Derrick, he doesn't want him around because he's more likely than Nicole to go after Derrick's two pocket pals, Cody and Victoria. On top of it, Derrick got to turn around to Nicole and tell her that Frankie tried to get her voted out and that he, Derrick, saved her.

So it looks like the end of the road for ole Donny. The best outcome for HOH tomorrow would, in fact, be for Nicole to win. I'm not sure whom she would put up, but any of them would be a win for us.

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