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at the end of the dae

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posted Thursday, 09 July 2015

The early part of the week was all go-go-go as BB had to fit in all the competitions before the July 4th holiday. Before Shelli and Becky even got to do their "who wants to see my HOH room?" routine, they were having to scramble for nomination choices. Becky was about the backdoor Audrey plan that the "whole house" was supposed to be on board with. She picked Steve as her "can't win a comp" nom and Jason as a pawn/payback for nom'ing her. Jason was fine with it, and said he'd throw the BOB.

Shelli meanwhile, was saying she'd go for Audrey but really had her sights set on Da'Vonne. Shelli lined up John as a co-nominee with an agreement to throw the BOB. For a while it was looking like it was going to be a race to see who could throw the comp better, but as soon as Jason saw Dae go up he got nervous that they were the real targets since they're clearly paired up. He was only half right, but still it meant that he and Steve fought hard and easily won BOB. John didn't have to try that hard to throw it; he just basically did nothing and let Dae lose. Since this all happened at about 5AM he was later able to claim that he was just so tired he couldn't think straight.

So next up was POV and Johnny Mac pulled out the win. We then entered the "are you fucking kidding me" portion of the week's events when Shelli and Clay suggested in total seriousness that John not save himself so that they wouldn't have to pick a re-nom. John handled it amazingly well in my eyes, staying completely calm and saying that it would look suspicious to the rest of them if he didn't use the veto. Clay and Shelli (because let's be honest, they're co-HOH) then bizarrely ask John whom he wants as the re-nom. John, again wisely, says simply that he doesn't care.

Re-nom roulette goes on for a while with some of them thinking Audrey's headed to the backdoor, though that was never part of Shelli's plan. But it's Dae's only hope, so she does try to get it to happen. Shelli first considers Liz, but is eventually convinced that the votes could be flipped and she ends up going with Meg. Since Meg's aligned with many of the same people as Dae, plus some Dae doesn't have, she's a fairly safe pawn.

Just after the veto meeting, Dae, who has been suspicious of JuLizia for a long time, starts to get everyone else on board. She starts pointing out how different they actually look and act. Within a matter of hours most of them are in on the secret. There are a number of set-ups to try to trap a twin and by this morning, Julia has come clean to Vanessa and a new alliance is born. Vanessa pulls in Shelli/Clay and eventually Austin to help keep the twins in the game until they can both play together. I have no idea if they'll be able to pull this off, but it should be fun to watch them try. Personally, I think BB wanted these twins discovered. Otherwise why did they pick a pair that doesn't actually look all that identical? It's also the only thing that makes this Twin Twist distinct from the BB5 version.

In other Twisted Twist news, we had the Kathy Phone. It all happened behind fish and Jeff Loops, but from what the HGs are saying, it sounds like they brought in an old style phone booth and everyone got a call. There was some sort of number assignment/picking and Da'Vonne got the magical 7th call. It was obvious from the time the twist was announced that it was designed so production could make sure that whomever got the call could at least potentially affect the outcome of the vote.

Dae's working with what she's got, telling only her most trusted allies that she's got the power, and then playing to others that she's sure someone else has it so she's going to lose even her sympathy votes, then asking for replacements. She also worked on a Blackmail the Twins angle, plus at one point, Audrey of all people came to her with an offer. There were times when it looked like things might flip, but at the end of the day, it's not looking so good.

On the show, they gave a lot of misdirection making it seem Dae had a chance, but in the end it wasn't enough. Audrey did end up voting for Meg to go, probably as much to stir up drama as anything else. Dae ended up sitting out Jeff, Jackie and Becky, leaving a bit of mystery as to who had the power, since that wasn't necessarily the obvious choice if it were her (i.e. it didn't include Clay). But I think she knew it wouldn't matter and maybe just hoped to cast some suspicion on some of the "cowards" who aren't taking a stand in the game.

Then it was out for a BB Beer Pong HOH comp, and Austin and Vanessa came out the winners. Since they're very close to each other, it really doesn't matter much who stays in power. It's likely the twins will get a reprieve, and quite possibly Audrey as well. Jeff has become Vanessa's top target, and she's pretty much got Austin on board recently. But.....we shall see.

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