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posted Sunday, 2 October 2016

We're only a few days into BBOTT but I'm already liking it way more than I did BB18. And this is proven by the fact that I'm already sleep deprived. Even without competitions (because, let's be honest that first HOH wasn't really a competition) there's been a lot to hold our attention. There's a small amount of strategizing going on, and a few alliances forming, but mostly it's just the early days of BB that we usually miss. Lots of get-to-know-you stuff, with fun stories. and more than a few shockers. Justin is proving to be the king of entertainment with many outrageous (yet documented true) tales and a storytelling ability that has left many of us and them with "laughasthsma" (also a Justin-ism).

As far as the game, Monte remained the only one free of the crab infection, and instead ended up with a massive case of HOHitis. He's decided to make a big move and try to get Jason out. It is a good move from a game standpoint, but certainly not popular with the viewers who just went to all the trouble of voting Jason back in the house. It took a few days, but Monte finally seems to have been clued into the fact that nominating someone doesn't guarantee they'll leave no matter how many votes you have lined up - there's still a POV to be played. They also don't know yet that the viewers get a nominee, or an eviction vote. Given that they were told the viewers will pick the winner, you'd think they would have considered all this by now.

It's always been the case that Big Brother happens overnight, but now with the main events also been scheduled late in the evening (at least late for us East Coast-ers) it's becoming even more difficult to be both a BB fan and a productive member of society. When I first saw the schedule for BBOTT I thought I might have to just pass on watching it. But here we are only 5 days in, and I'm hooked. That's the problem with being an addict. Even when you know something is not good for you, you do it anyway. And I'm not ready for an intervention just yet.

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