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could've stayed home and played monopoly

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posted Monday, 25 August 2008

It was a very long morning waiting for the POV ceremony. One by one, Dan called the 4 potential repl-nom candidates up to HOH and started setting up the script for the ceremony.  First up was Michelle.  He asked her who she would ideally like to see go up, and she said Keesha.  He thanked her, and said he "greatly respected" her opinion.

michelle 2

Next up was Renny and Keesha.  He told them at the ceremony he was going to go around and ask each of them who they wanted nom'ed.  Ollie would say Renny, Michelle would say Keesha, and he wanted Renny and Keesha to both say Michelle.  Keesha immediately agreed, but Renny was not so sure.  She realized that Dan was trying to keep the blood off his hands and be able to say he was going with the will of the house.  And Renny was not wild about losing Michelle's jury vote (she didn't *say* that, I just thought it was obvious).

1 3

Later on, after talking to Memphis, Dan went back to Renny and said "how about you just say whoever says your name?"  She was slightly more okay with that, but still not happy.

Next was Ollie.  He was still pushing for nom Keesha or revise The Deal to say that if Dan got to protect someone (i.e. Keesha), Ollie got to decide a tie-vote.  Dan said he was still thinking about it, and he'd drop a hint during lockdown by asking someone if they wanted a drink.  He was never going to go for the Revised Deal, just keeping up suspense with Ollie.

6 8


So we come back from trivia and Ollie is in full confession mode to Renny.  Telling her all about The Deal, and that he really wanted Keesha but Dan nixed that one and forced him to say Renny.  He also launched into his story about Monica being at the BB pre-show stuff, which they refer to as "vacation."  And that "Dan's a Plant."

9 10

Next they all head out to the backyard where Ollie lays it all out for all of them.  Dan starts out saying he'll answer questions, whatever, but quickly gets up and goes inside.  Ollie continues to harangue Keesha with his tale of how he wanted her up.  So, Keesha asks the very logical question of why should she be mad that she's not nominated.  He has no answer for that.


Ollie really loses it at that point yelling "I was HOH! I was HOH! I was supposed to be HOH, and have all the power!"  Uh, no, you weren' got played, deal with it.


Next he moves on to the "Moncia isn't real" stories, and how he saw her "on vacation."  Keesha and Memphis both tell him that either way, they don't care.  Memphis comes up with the line "I don't care if he's America's Player, America's Choice or the President's son."  For some reason that really sets Ollie off and he calls Memphis a word I won't repeat and suggests a behavior to reinforce it.  That's when Memphis tells him he needs to watch his mouth.


About this time Keesha suggests that they go up to HOH saying "Let's go see Dan.  He just saved our asses...we should make sure he's okay."  While they're up there Ollie stops by, so they rotate out.  Ollie asks Dan why he did it, etc. etc.  Dan does his usual shrug and try to look "weak" routine.  Ollie then tells Dan that he knows Monica's not real.  "She's not real?" Dan asks with a highly amused look.  "Well, she's real, but she's a plant." (What, like a ficus?)  He goes on to say "I saw her in the cafeteria (during "vacation").  I never forget a pretty face."  Dan smirks some more.  Then Ollie tells him his football pics are clearly fake b/c his neck is the wrong size.  At that point Dan can barely hold back the laughter and just says "okay...."

grin what?

As parting words Ollie says again he felt disrespected and that Dan had taken his "manhood."  Dan says that was never his intent and he hopes Ollie understands, it's just a game.  To this Ollie replies "if you wanted to play a game you could've stayed home and played Monopoly."  Um....okay.... 

no shake

Michelle had stopped by HOH earlier for a similar convo.  Downstairs she has an epiphany that since Dan's a Prod. Plant, she was set up by production.  She starts blocking the cameras with pillows and yelling at them not to film her.  They just zoom in closer.


Ollie has another chat with Renny, reiterating the Target Keesha plan.  Renny then goes up to HOH where D/K/Mem are gathered and goes off on Dan.  It was a little hard for me to follow what she was so pissed about.  It seemed to basically come down to that she felt Dan had manipulated her by telling her Ollie wanted her nom'ed when he really wanted Keesha, but Dan was protecting Keesha.  It's all true that he did that, and Keesha knows it.  Dan told her not to tell Renny, though she did, telling Renny not to tell Dan that she told (dizzy yet?).  Dan won't admit to the save Keesha part of the deal.  Regardless, it's hard to understand what exactly Renny's mad about.  Eventually they sort of make up with a hug.  But later on Renny tells Keesha she still doesn't trust Dan.  Keesha tells her that's fine, even good, but she needs to stay calm for now.

renny kees

memp hug

Ollie finally has a full on meltdown.  First he flings one of the giant lollipops across the kitchen, creating a fine mess of candy pieces.  Then he knocks over (and possibly breaks) a planter in the backyard.  Next he starts flinging the workout equipment.  About this time he's called to the DR.  He tells them to F' off.  We get a few seconds of fish, and when we come back he's headed in.  But he's released a few minutes later and goes to the memory wall and starts throwing the keys around.  He seems to be yelling the whole time, but we only got the view from the HOH spy cam, and mostly just the looks on the faces of the rest of them. 


trahsing trashing2 trashing3

huh watchers huh

So, The Deal was broken.  Ollie is walking around calling Dan "mastermind" and a few names I won't repeat.  Oh yeah, and Jerry's still there.  And still nominated.

5 ugh jerry

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