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hangin' on the stripper pole

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posted Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Natalie said it early on: it's a lot like a stripper pole.  Of course, I don't think they know about James's past as a porn star...he's willing to go to extremes for what he wants.  Things go down pretty much as I predicted in the last entry.  Matt goes early, Sheila soon after.  The last 4 hang for a while, until Sharon finally gives up.  A bit later Chelsia, who had not been looking happy for quite a while, slips.

James starts offering deals, but as soon as Nattie says she'll take them, he retracts.  Or says he'll hang for 7 hours and then give it to her.  Neither is super comfortable, but as of 9:53 BBT, about 4 hours in, it looks like she's holding up a bit better.  And the main reason he's stills there is that he picked up on her stripper pole poses.

We'll see...update when we have a winner. 



james on matty

sheila she down

shar onshar off


sad chel chel down

boob girl stripper pose 

end game


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