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posted Saturday, 12 July 2008

Here we are on the eve of BB10, and it's time to let the games, and the drama, begin.  From what we're hearing, this year is going to be a blast-from-the-past BB.  The theme in the house is all about nostalgia, with rooms decorated 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s style.  But the biggest return to basics, is that supposedly the HGs are all actual strangers.  The twist being an un-twist, no secret partners, long lost siblings, guinea pig sisters or whatever.  (Actually, I'll kind of miss George and Skippy, but that's okay).  Hopefully this is a sign that the prods are getting it.  That they can't have a show without the fans and what the fans want is what BB is supposed to be.  And what BB is supposed to be is strangers locked up together with us watching their every move as they play a game and try to live together.  So, here's hoping for no fixed contests, fake America's Choice votes, or extended feed blocks.  And let's hope the players are all as interesting and dramatic as they're being made out to be, and that they're fun to watch right down to the end.

This site is changing just a bit, too.  It was not originally supposed to be all about Big Brother, but that's what it has turned into.  So, we've decided to just accept reality (no pun intended) and admit we're just another one of the 1000s of BB sites out there.  The site has always been all about my point-of-view, so the new name of mybbpov seems appropriate.  And that pun was intended.  But our "mission" remains the same, all about the livefeeds, somewhat about the air-show, thoughts on the drama and entertainment value, and lots and lots of screencaps.

So here's your mugshot lineup for Big Brother 10:

angie    april    brian    dan    Jerry    Jessie    Keesha    Libra    Memphis    Michelle    Ollie    Renny    Steven

They are: Angie, April, Brian, Dan, Jerry, Jessie, Keesha, Libra, Memphis, Michelle, Ollie, Renny, and Steven.  Start studying now, there will be a quiz.  wink

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