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Parting Shots

logo A Fond Farewell to all the Hamsters

The last glimpse I got of each of the BB10 houseguests on the feeds....

First Evicted: Brian 

bye brian!

 Second Evicted: Steven

buh-bye steven

Third Evicted: Angie 

bye Angie

 Fourth Evicted: Jessie

buh-bye jessie

Fifth Evicted: Libra 

bye libra

 Sixth Evicted: April

bye April

Seventh Evicted: Michelle 

buh-bye Michelle

 Eighth Evicted: Ollie

bye ollie

Ninth Evicted: Renny


bye renny!!!

 Tenth Evicted: Keesha

bye keesha!

Eleventh Evicted: Jerry 

buh-bye Jerry

 Runner-Up: Memphis

bye Memphis!

Winner: Dan 

congrats dan


And it's a wrap!  Fade to fish....

all outbye fish!
Bye!  See you next season....