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At the End of the Day...


Every season we come along and ask a group of strangers to entertain us.  We laugh with them and at them, we judge them, we hate them and we love them.  At the end of the day, here's how the BB11 hamsters measured up to My BB POV.  

From first out to first place, we grade on drama, entertainment, game-play/strategy, and like-ability.


HOH: 0     POV: 0     Nominated: 1     Survived Eviction: 0

braden braden braden braden

I always say the first one out is the hardest to judge.  When JBT decided they needed to keep Lydia and kick Braden, I really didn't see where they were coming from, except that they'd decided they could use Lydia.  But once Braden was on the block, he exploded in a way that ensured his exit.  He had no real chance for strategy, his only real play being to try to pull an Evel Dick and go off on people to make them keep him as a target.  He made the mistake that a lot do in thinking they can emulate a past player.  His comments were offensive and not at all strategic.  He did provide some entertainment in setting off some huge fights, and with his completely incoherent, yet amusing statements.  And he certainly sparked drama, with the race wars fight, and by inspiring Chima's liveshow no-no.


HOH: 0     POV: 0     Nominated: 1     Survived Eviction: 0 

 l l l laura

Laura was an interesting case.  Her whole "everyone hates me because I'm beautiful/big-boobed" was just irritating.  But at the same time, she wasn't just the airhead bikini-model type.  She knew Big Brother and had a good grasp of good strategy.  But she made the tactical error of telling everyone this.  She was so concerned that people not find her stupid that she created her downfall by convincing them that she wasn't.  She outed Ronnie as the Rat at the exact wrong moment...after he had won HOH, but before his noms and repl-noms were done.  He most likely would have nom'ed her anyway, but calling out the newly minted HOH is rarely a good idea.


HOH: 0     POV: 0     Nominated: 1     Survived Eviction: 0 

banana c c bananaman

Oh Casey....sing us a song, you're the banana man.  Off the charts for entertainment, even before the banana suit.  His strategy was a bit lacking, though.  He had some deal, possibly a pre-show alliance, with Jessie and that was probably his downfall.  For whatever reason, whether truly game related, or damage control for the pre-show acquaintance, Zippy decided to ditch him.  Casey was probably the only one who was truly on to Natalie's age lie from day 1, and had he stayed longer I think he would have outed her.  Drama points for his part in the Rat isolation.


HOH: 1     POV: 0     Nominated: 1     Survived Eviction: 0 

r dork ron ronnie

He came in so sure of himself as the BB expert and "persuasive speaking" champ.  In the end, none of it really mattered.  Some of his arguments were quite logical, even if untrue, but he seemed to miss a big BB truth: Hamsters don't necessarily listen to logic.  I give him drama points for the Rat role, but that same role takes like-ability points from him.  Entertainment points for hiding out in HOH during Rat-gate, and strategy points for the alliance with Russell while the rest of them thought they were bitter enemies.  Inadvertent entertainment points for obliviously campaigning to Jeff/Jordan during their first kiss.


HOH: 2     POV: 0     Nominated: 1     Survived Eviction: 0 

zippy jessie jessie zippy

Couldn't stand him last year, couldn't stand him this year.  Really didn't need a rerun of Zippy the Pinhead.  Once again his "strategy" was to let others think for him.  His undercover escapades with Lydia were as icky as Aprollie's last year, and being a rerun, he should have known we see all and not bother with the denials.  Negative drama points for knowing and saying he would be the coup-target and depriving us of Jessie's Big Surprise II.  Inadvertent entertainment points for inspiring the weeping widows.


HOH: 1     POV: 0     Nominated: 2     Survived Eviction: 1

c  chima chima

Chima was the clear winner in the drama department, even before the great microphone drowning.  Straight from her speech on the first liveshow she filled the role of Drama Queen, and she knew it.  Her fights with Russell were great drama as well, right up until she took it too far.  Just like Braden she didn't seem to find the line between entertaining and offensive comments.


HOH: 0     POV: 0     Nominated: 4     Survived Eviction: 1 

lydia lydia lyd capt. uni

Lydia was also a big winner in the drama department.  It seemed like she was right in the middle of just about every fight that happened while she was in the house.  She was never afraid to speak her mind, and that makes for good BB.  Her strategy seemed to be to make an alliance with anyone and everyone.  But she couldn't quite control her temper enough to hold on to them.  Despite being one of the first nominees she really was in pretty good with most everyone.  But before long she was fighting with half of them.  Her showmance/'homance (blow-mance?) with Jessie was just icky, though it did add to the drama/entertainment with both the conflict it created with Natalie, and with the stalker angle.  She could be like-able at times, but other times you just wanted her to shut up.  And the baby talk voice was just plain irritating.


HOH: 1     POV: 1     Nominated: 2     Survived Eviction: 0 

russ russ russ russ

Again, we got good drama and great fights from Russell.  Some of his fights were apparently staged, but that's okay.  We're looking for entertainment, so if they can pull off a good staged fight, that's just fine with me.  He took the power player strategy for the most part, relying a lot on winning comps to take him through the game.  He did try to work alliances, knowing that hamsters do not live by comps alone.  His fatal flaw seemed to be his inability to pull off the playing all sides bit.  He was trying to align with everyone, and they all knew it, so none of them trusted him.  He inadvertently played a key role in both Jeff's best and worst moves.  He gets drama points for his role in the coup.  He probably knew Jeff had the power and would save him, but he never acted too sure of it, making the whole thing that much more fun.


HOH: 1     POV: 2     Nominated: 2     Survived Eviction: 0 

jeff jeff jeff Buddha Jeff

Jeff gets major drama points for his handling of the coup.  He did exactly what we wanted him to do, and with just the right amount of flair.  He also gets drama points for all the fights: Technotronics, Tuna-gate, etc.  He was probably the most entertaining HG of the year with great one liners and an excellent sense of humour (most of the time).  He didn't seem to quite know what strategy to take at the beginning.  He probably was throwing comps, perhaps to try to not appear too strong.  He was on the outs with his clique from day one because he refused to bow down to Jessie.  And, in my book, he gets points just for that.  As the game went on, Jeff proved he could win comps, but his personal strategy didn't hold up.  The coup probably saved him for a few weeks, and it definitely turned the game around.  But then when it came time for Jeff to make choices of his own, he seemed to make all the wrong ones.  No matter how strong he thought Russell was, kicking him was a terrible move.  Don't start turning on your own alliance until the other one is gone!  And of course, he gets entertainment and like-ability points for the showmance.  And he's just so pretty....


HOH: 1     POV: 3     Nominated: 3     Survived Eviction: 0 

mic mich michele 

Michele was one I wanted to like from the beginning, and most of the time I did.  She gets drama points in a weird way.  She seemed to inspire a lot of anger and hatred in many of the other HGs, but it really wasn't clear why.  She didn't really do anything to deserve it.  They all gave her a hard time for saying she couldn't remember things, but I tended to believe her most of the time.  There were times when she was clearly lying, and she wasn't very good at it.  But there were other times when I think she honestly just didn't remember a particular incident.  She gets entertainment points in the same way.  She was surprisingly kinky and just a little odd.


HOH: 1+Final HOH, Part I     POV: 2     Nominated: 2+Final Eviction     Survived Eviction: 0 

kevin kev kev kev

Kevin played the whole game in a pretty low key way, though he could bring the drama out when he wanted to.  He was in the middle of a few big fights and gets drama points for that.  He rarely went negative, and I appreciate that.  He won comps when he needed to, made decent alliances and I give him gameplay points for both.  In entertainment value, he doesn't immediately stand out, but I can't help but notice he was often the source of my Lines of the Day.  He was a different guy in the DR, and I've got to give him points for his entertainment value in there.  He was perfectly like-able on his own, though I didn't always enjoy the company he kept.  In the end, I would have been happier to see him over Natalie in the second place chair.


HOH: 1     POV: 0     Nominated: 4+Final Eviction     Survived Eviction: 3+Final

nat nat nat nat

I couldn't stand Natalie from the moment she attached herself to Zippy the Pinhead.  She lied about everything, and not always for an obvious reason.  I still can't believe she got away with the "I'm 18" line.  She brought some drama, but not as much as she would like to think she did.  I can't really argue with her gameplay.  She got to the end by staying mostly off the radar competition-wise.  She won very little, but she clearly didn't really need to win much.  She made strong alliances and managed to get others to do the dirty work.  It's been pointed out by others (and I have to agree) that she played the game pretty much as Dr. Will did, only she didn't have his charm and entertainment value.  And at the end of the day I'm here to be good for her for making it as far as she did, but she's low on my scale.


HOH: 1+Final HOH, Parts II & III     POV: 1     Nominated: 4     Survived Eviction: 4 

 jordan jordan

jordan  jor 

I always give the winner automatic gameplay points for taking all the marbles at the end of the day.  And in the end I do think Jordan earned her gameplay points.  She wasn't the strongest competitor, but she did win when it really mattered, and she took advantage of her competition weakness in the beginning to stay under the radar.  She was right in the middle of a lot of the drama, though she was rarely the one to stir things up.  And she topped the charts on both entertainment and like-ability.   All her little Jordan-isms and so forth were adorable.  And of course she was half of the cutest showmance ever.  And who wouldn't like her?  She was pretty much always upbeat and happy and was just fun to watch.  While BB11 is arguably not a season where the "best player" won, Jordan definitely wins out on my scale and it was great to see her end up on top.




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