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Parting Shots

logo A fond farewell to all the hamsters....

The last glimpse I got of each of the BB14 HGs on the livefeeds.

First Evicted: Jodi
buh-bye jodi  
  Second Evicted: Kara
  bye kara
Expelled: Willie  
see ya, willie  
  Third Evicted: JoJo
  buh-bye jojo

Fourth Evicted: Janelle

bye janie!  

Fifth Evicted: Wil

  bye wil

Sixth Evicted: Mike Boogie


Seventh Evicted: Ashley

  buh-bye Ash

Eighth Evicted: Britney

byebye britney  

Ninth Evicted: Frank

  buh-bye Frank

Tenth Evicted: Joe

bye joe  

Eleventh Evicted: Jenn

  bye jenn

Twelfth Evicted: Shane

buh-bye shane  


Thirteenth Evicted: Danielle

  buh-bye Danielle

Runner-Up: Dan

bye dan  

Winner: Ian

And it's a wrap for long, and thanks for all the fish.... See you next summer for BB15!
eviction chairs brb

Click the pics to go to the At the End of the Day  review for that HG.