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I usually don't recommend a Favorite....I feel strongly that everyone should just vote for the one they like. I usually also don't particularly advocate giving more money to CBS, especially with all the various rip-offs we get with major feedblocks at the end of the season. But this year, I'm giving a pick. I say vote for Janelle. She'd be my personal pick anyway, but this year I'd particularly like to see her win, just because it will royally piss of Danielle.


Coaches off the bench...



I have really mixed feelings about the coaches going into the game. But even more than that, I have questions. First place, the AV is well-weaseled in its phrasing. Should the coaches be offered the chance to enter the game? Okay, first "should"...that's very reminiscent to me of the various rip-off AVs of past seasons. But it's also the one I care about least. I think that BB is going to do what they want, regardless of the vote.

Now, the other questionable words, "offered" and "chance," have me more curious. I'm guessing that since it's an offer, one or more of the coaches could simply say no thanks, and stay in the coaches seat. But what happens to the players whose coaches go into the game? Can the remaining coaches pick up those players and win the $100K if an abandoned player wins in the end? What about the former coach players? Can a remaining coach grab them?

Next question is about the "chance" part. If a coach accepts the offer, are they in the game? Or do they have to compete for a shot? Maybe it matters how many say yes to the offer. By most people's math, we're 2 players short. So if one or two coaches take the offer, they could just go in. If 3 or 4 take the offer, they might have to compete for the 2 spots.

As far as the vote, I honestly don't think it matters. I'm pretty sure CBS is going to say we voted "yes" whether we do or not. The interesting question is what will the coaches say when given the offer. Here's what I think:


He's won the game before, doesn't need the extra money and has the most players still left in contention for the grand prize. He's said a couple times that if he's got 3 of the final 7 players left in the game, he wouldn't want to go in as a player. That could all be talk, but I do think he'd rather win as a coach this time around. It's a new challenge and it gives him a unique distinction from other winners. And a lot of people (myself included) say he never would have won AllStars with Dr. Will's help. To guide a player to a win himself would help Boogie step out of Will's BB shadow a bit. I say he'll stay a coach.


My prediction: He'll keep coaching.
Revised prediction: He'll maybe join the game.



He IS a coach, it's not just that he plays one on TV. And he too has won the game already. He also knows that if he becomes a player he will be a top target to get out. He made it to the end of BB10 by playing an excellent game without the other HGs realizing how much he was playing them all. Everyone in the house this time around knows what a great player he is, so he can't play the "I'm so weak" card. However, he can easily coach someone else to play it. Even though he's only got one player left in the game, he's got her in a great position. And coaches entering the game will only make Danielle safer by providing new big targets.


My prediction: He'll keep coaching.
Revised prediction: He'll join the game.


She didn't win her first time around, or really even come close. I think she sees some of the mistakes she made last time and would like the chance to play smarter. She's also had the least success as a coach, and the one player she's got left is a huge target and is really unlikely to win all the marbles. She's been talking about coaches entering the game since practically day one. I think she wants that shot, and I think she'll take it.



My prediction: She'll join the game.


She's the most difficult to predict. It's her third time in the house and she's never won. She has to want it. As a player, her major strong suit was comp wins and it's not as easy to share that skill as a coach as it is to share strategic tips. She's currently got three players left (though by end of the week will likely be down to 2) but they're not looking as good to win as one of Boogie's players. In fact, Janelle's players might actually get farther in the game if they had her as a player ally, winning POVs and HOHs for them. Janelle also has a great personal relationship with her players and can probably form a strong alliance with them if she goes into the game. My bet is she'll take the offer.


My prediction: She'll join the game.



There could be a wrench thrown into things depending on how BB handles the "offer" logistically. If the offer is sprung on the liveshow, knee-jerk reactions and having to answer in front of everyone could screw things up. But if they call them into the DR, make the offer, and let them think about it, they could over-think things, or talk to each other and mess things up. My guess is the DR will hint around at it, getting them to talk through scenarios, and probably get an actual answer individually before the liveshow. The actual portrayal, now that I think about it, will probably be that Julie will make the offer, and the coaches will each have to go into the DR and give their answer, just like an eviction vote.

So, if I'm right, and I'm fairly confident I am, Janelle and Britney will get dropped into the game on Thursday. In addition to getting us back up to the number of players needed to finish the season on schedule, it also helps with the gender balance. With the first 3 evictees all being women, it was getting a little testosterone heavy in the BB house. I'm also foreseeing an endurance HOH that night. We're due for endurance, and if coaches are joining the game as players, there's going to be a heightened importance to winning. So it could be a great fight.

Update 7/31: Now that the Coaches have been asked what they would "hypothetically" do if offered the chance to go in the game, we have a better sense of their choices. I'm thinking my predictions are only half right now, and that the fact is they will all go into the game. Thinking about it some more, I believe BB wants to end the original twist and have wants all 4 in the game, and they'll be working the coaches to make sure they say "yes" to any offer. Assuming Frank does go on Thursday, that will be just the catalyst need to propel Boogie into the game.

My biggest turn around is in regards to Dan. Listening to him talk over the last couple of days has made me realize that he's been playing the game since the moment he came into the house with the intention of going into the game. He picked players that he would be able to coach into being good teammates when he was thrown in. His been throwing comps, but working to convince everyone that he's not, hoping they'll forget that he won a few in BB10. He's working to get out the people who will be the biggest problem for him personally to go against in the game, and he's made sure he's in good with all the re-runs.

coach dan

Update 8/2: Turns out no one was quite right about the un-twisting. The deal turned out to be that each coach got to secretly choose to accept/decline the offer to return to the game, but if only one said yes, they all go in. More interestingly, coaches in the game meant no eviction. Had no coach accepted the offer, they would have gone ahead with the eviction and brought back some evicted HGs. But what were the chances that no one would say yes? In the end, Britney, Dan and Janelle all took the offer, only Boogie declined.

Guess who's coming to dinner....

Voting early and often has been starting even before BB for the last 2 years. Though it's really a guessing game, not a true vote. In any case, the BB14 twist is that 4 "successful" past HGs will be returning (not a surprise, since re-runs worked so well last year). Rumour has it that they will be somehow mentoring the newbies. BB's trying to get us all excited about this through a knock-out type poll over the week before the premiere. Viewers are asked to vote for whom they think will be coming back, but I think we all know people also vote for whom they'd like to see back. Reputable sources have leaked that 3 of the re-runs will be Janelle, Boogie and Dan. There were also rumours about Rachel and Daniele, but exec. prod. Allison Grodner has said that none of the returnees will be from last season....though maybe she meant last season's newbies. Assuming the 3 rumoured are correct, I'd bet the 4th is a woman to keep the gender balance even. If it really is no one from last season, that leaves Britney, Natalie and Renny. If I had to bet, I'd go with Britney.

We'll know when we know, right?


Update 7/6: Dick and Natalie have been "evicted" (i.e. grayed out).

Update 7/9: Howie and Will have been "evicted."

Update 7/10: Daniele and Kaysar have been eliminated.

{feed leakage revealed Janelle, Dan and Boogie are definitely in the house}

Update 7/11: Ragan has gone gray.

Update 7/12: Even though the whole thing is kind of pointless now since feed leakage has confirmed the re-runs are Janelle, Boogie, Britney and Dan....Enzo is now grayed out.