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Big Brother 16 - Summer 2014


Task: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

In an attempt to actually join the rest of us in this decade, BB16 is purporting to have an actual interactive/social media component in the form of "Team America." Supposedly we're going to get to vote for things more useful than what alliterative additive food the Have-Nots can have. The claim is that the votes will have a real effect on the game. We've heard it all before, and it's been true to varying degrees. The ironic thing is that BB already has one of the strongest social media presenses in reality TV; it's just not officially brought to you by the show. But we'll give them a chance. Team America has to go better than the MVP twist, right? Or maybe not .....

Depending on how many vote topics we get, I may or may not actually cover them all here. But with the first we've got nothing else going on.

If you had to form an alliance with one of the Houseguests, who would you select?

Putting aside the grammatical error (it should be "whom"), there are two issues with this. The first is that it's based entirely on the pre-season interviews, and the voting was only open for about 24 hours after they were posted. The second, related issue, is this little gem:

The RTs of that tweet account for literally about half the twitter traffic on the #bb16 hashtag at this point. I'm really hoping that drops off significantly once the show actually starts, but I'm afraid that Team America is going to be a re-run of the MVP and Frankie is going to be this year's Elissa. Even worse than Elissa because at least Rachel was known to BB fans for BB. If Ariana starts telling her fans to go vote for Frankie, we'll get lots of people who know little to nothing about BB chiming in.

The truth for me is, even putting the Grande-sibs aside, I have no idea with whom I would want to align. I read the blurbs from each of the HG on what type of HG they'd want to align with, and thought briefly about how I'd answer. Fact is, I'd say that I can't say. There isn't a type of person I'd want to align with, just like there's not a type of person I can say I'll root for in the house. I just connect with certain people, and until I actually get to know something substantial about them I can't predict how I'll feel about them. This is why online dating has never worked for me.


Update 7/7

So first Joey rather curiously got the first TeamAmerica slot. My theory on that is that not a lot of people voted. The voting was only open for a day after the preseason interviews were posted, and even a lot of hardcore livefeeders had no idea they were supposed to vote. I suspect that many others, like me, just didn't play. And the TVOVs certainly didn't vote, nor did the Ariana's 15 million followers. And it didn't matter anyway as Joey got kicked week 1.

Donny got the second slot, and was then joined by Derrick and Frankie. Derrick and Donny I believe just made a good impression on livefeeders and TVOVs alike. Derrick is particularly sure that America voted for the most trustworthy and best gamers. There's no way that Frankie wasn't going to get a huge vote. With his own pre-existing 500K followers, plus his sister's, plus BB viewers who just legitimately like him, he had a spot in the bag. So, with the team formed, let the tasks begin.


7/9 Task 1: Choose a mission from the options

MISSION A - Get two Houseguests to kiss and then spread rumors that they are in a showmance.
MISSION B - To keep the spotlight off of Team America, get three other Houseguests to spread a rumor that someone in the game is related to a past Big Brother contestant.

America's Choice

Mission B

What Happened

Frankie came up with the idea that they spread the rumour that Zach was the cousin of BB15 Amanda. That turned out to be Frankie's entire contribution to the execution of the task. Derrick and Donny came up with the details that Pao had mentioned it to Donny as she was leaving as something Zach had confessed. Donny planted the rumour with Nicole, who was more suspicious of Donny was telling her this than anything else, but did spread it to Christine. Derrick planted it with Victoria and suggested that she confirm with Brittany, but Victoria was more concerned about people using her face wash than anything else. I didn't see it myself, but I did hear she finally mentioned it to Brit, but CBS didn't credit TA with that. Though, to be fair CBS doesn't seem to realize Victoria is on the show. When Victoria wasn't coming through, Derrick planted with Caleb and he went to Amber. Then Donny and Derrick outed the whole thing to Zach, and he played along nicely. He kept alternating between saying it was true and denying it to the point where even the TA members were starting to believe it might have just been a fortuitous guess on their part. The highlight of the whole thing was Frankie saying to Zach "now that I know you're related to someone famous I'm never going to let you go."

Success? YES - Total earned: $5K


7/16 Task 2: Which Houseguest do you want Team America to put on the block?

A. Someone they believe is a floater.
B. Someone they believe is a physical threat.

America's Choice

B. Someone they believe is a physical threat.

What Happened

In the lamest response to an America's vote task ever Frankie and Derrick decided to define Amber, whom they were already planning to nominate as a "physical threat" (saying she's the most physical female competitor). Donny's immediate reaction upon hearing the assignment was "so, Caleb?" but F/D talked him into Amber (they had to agree on a target to get the $). Since the wording of the task was "someone they believe," it counted.

Success? YES - Total earned: $10K


7/23 Task 3: Which mission do you want to see Team America complete?

MISSION A - Hide a Houseguest's personal items and convince him or her to publicly blame someone for doing it.
MISSION B - Play the role of puppet master and get two Houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting.

America's Choice


What Happened

For both events, TA set ZachAttack on the mission. He called out Christine for being a floater, saying there'd be a picture of her and Jenn City in the BB dictionary, and, most memorably, called Nicole a FrootLoop Dingus at the nom ceremony. Christine just rolled her eyes, and though Nicole started to laugh so hysterically she ended up crying, DR still called it one-sided. Though they'd been previously told they couldn't switch targets, that rule was revised, so they set ZachAttack after Amber at the POV ceremony. The problem is that they missed a big part of the puppetmastering, and again only worked on one puppet. Zach gave a rant to Amber about how she'd mistreated Caleb, but she refused to engage.

Success? NO


7/30 Task 4: Which mission do you want to see Team America complete?

MISSION A - Vote against the majority of the house and then publicly accuse two people during the eviction fallout.
MISSION B - Get two members of Team America to become Heads of Household this week by winning it and/or convincing others to throw it.

America's Choice


What Happened

Derrick got their marching orders late at night, and went to wake Donny. Upon hearing the mission, Donny was not happy. He felt it would be out of character for him to call anyone out and thought people would be suspicious of Derrick/Frankie/Donny all being on the same page in a public forum. Frankie and Derrick were not terribly thrilled with the notion of the mission, but were willing to give a go, have Derrick/Donny cast the hinky votes and then Derrick/Frankie would blame Caleb and Zach, and Donny could pile on. But Donny wouldn't budge. So they ended up declining the task. Donny apologized in the DR after the vote, saying it was too risky. Derrick also apologized, but made it clear that it was all on Donny.


Success? NO


8/7 Task 5: Which mission do you want to see Team America complete?

MISSION A - Work together to convince someone to go on the block as a pawn and then get them evicted.
MISSION B - Have each member of Team America create and name a fake side alliance with the person they trust the least.

America's Choice


What Happened

When the boys got the assignment, they decided to target, surprise, surprise, Zach. It was in the rules that all 3 of them had to be involved in getting him to volunteer. Later that night, the KillFrankie plan started to form, and by the end of the evening both Zach and Caleb had volunteered to go up as a pawn. Since obviously Frankie wasn't going to be part of the plan, that didn't count. And in any case, Caleb got BOB'ed saved, so they wouldn't be able to vote him out and complete clause 2 of the mission. By the replacement noms came around, Donny was on the block, so it would be really suspicious if he was trying to get someone to be a "pawn" and they all agreed the mission was impossible.

I'm starting to wonder if people are so over the TA nonsense that they're intentionally voting for the more difficult missions. But I think more likely is that the TVOVs have no idea how impossible it would be for something like this to be done at this point in the game.

Success? NO


8/14 Task 6: Which mission do you want to see Team America complete?

MISSION A - Create a distraction by hiding a favorite piece of clothing from each Houseguest then organize a neighborhood watch program to keep it from happening again.
MISSION B - Weaken another player's game by keeping them awake for 24 hours straight.

America's Choice


What Happened

I had advocated Mission A because I knew Mission B would end up being another Attack Zach scenario. But in the end, it didn't matter. TA hid a bunch of things, including Zach's Gators shirt, Cody's (Hayden's) blue flowery hat, Caleb's cowboy boots, and Christine's stuffed tiger, under the liner in the storage room recycle bin. They had planned to leave a message on the bathroom mirror about keeping an eye on your stuff, but before it even got to that, Cody realized the hat was missing and went batcrap crazy. Most others quickly realized their stuff was missing, though Victoria first thought she missing a necklace they hadn't taken (which Frankie eventually found and added to the stash) and Christine took a while to notice the tiger (which it was later pointed out was not technically clothing). They all went crazy for a while and accusations were flying left and right, with the prime suspects being Zach and Victoria. It was all fun and games for a while, but then things got real when Caleb started telling Zach they all knew he was "the Saboteur" and he was going home for it.

Zach, being Zach, just laughed it off at first, and even did his usual, yeah, yeah, I'm the Saboteur thing. But he started to realize he was actually in trouble and it stopped being funny. The Watch had officially started, and when Zach tried to go into the DR he was followed by Derrick/Caleb/Cody. They did a 4-way DR, that was actually probably pretty funny. Zach eventually got solo time, and when he came out, he seemed to really know that they were all after him. He then rather randomly nicked the cue ball off the pool table and ran to hide it in the bathroom trash. Caleb caught him and this led to Caleb and Cody shortly after checking all the trash bins and finding the booty. This all was taken as evidence that Zach was the culprit. Zach kept denying it, but also realized that Frankie wouldn't look him in the eye, and knew this meant he was about to get shanked. He talked with Caleb a bit, who told him that his antics were the reason. For awhile Zach legitimately believed he was going up because he stole a cue ball. But then he talked with Frankie who told him the truth--they all wanted him out.

Meanwhile Derrick and Donny did manage to keep the watch going through the night, and day, convincingly enough I think for the TVOVs so I suspect they'll get their cash. BB got what they wanted--enough drama to make 5 minutes of good TV. I still say that Zach should get a cut for being the constant EscapeGoat (©Victoria) for Team America.

Success? YES - Total Earned $15K


8/27 Task 7: Were you impressed with Team America's mission? If the majority of America votes in their favor, each alliance member will receive $5,000.

OPTION 1 - Reward Team America for their latest mission.
OPTION 2 - Do not reward Team America for their latest mission.

What Happened

Donny wanted to save himself. Frankie wanted to do a play. Frankie won. It was dumb.

America's Choice

In the immortal words of Julie Chen: "That's an overwhelming NO."

Success? NO


9/4 Task 8: Which mission do you want to see Team America complete?

MISSION A - Wear down the competition by convincing everyone to fast for 24 hours while Team America secretly eats.
MISSION B - Wear down the competition by convincing everyone there's a rodent in the house and keep them up all night trying to catch it.