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bb16Big Brother 17 - A Fond Farewell to all the Hamsters

The last glimpse I got of each of the BB17 HGs on the on the pics to go the At the End of the Day entry for that person.


First Evicted: Jace Second Evicted: Da'Vonne
Third Evicted: Jeff Fourth Evicted: Audrey
Fifth Evicted: Jason Sixth Evicted: Clay
Seventh Evicted: Shelli Eighth Evicted: Jackie
Ninth Evicted: Becky Tenth (returned) Evicted: Johnny Mac
Tenth Evicted: Meg Eleventh Evicted: James
Twelfth Evicted: Julia Thirteenth Evicted: Austin
Fourteenth Evicted: Johnny Mac Fifteenth Evicted: Vanessa
Runner-Up: Liz Winner: Steve