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Parting Shots

logo A Fond Farewell to all the Hamsters

The last glimpse I got of each of the BB9 houseguests on the feeds....

Note: Because of the partner theme for the first few weeks, not to mention all the non-evictions and returns, the count is a little hard to track.  Technically, Jacob and Sharon were first and second; Neil was never evicted.  Ryan was not actually evicted (Julie never said it), so Allison is seventh alone.  James was evicted eighth, but immediately returned so his true parting shot goes with his second eviction (the 12th of the season).  And, of course, that's all counting the pairs as two.
First & Second Evicted: Jacob/Sharon (Neil)
 no jacobneil
 Third & Fourth Evicted: Jen/Parker 
 bye jen buh-bye parker
Fifth & Sixth Evicted: Alex/Amanda 
bye Amandabye Alex
Seventh Evicted: Allison

buh-bye alli



Eighth Evicted: James



Ninth Evicted: Matt

bye Matty!

Tenth Evicted: Chelsia
Eleventh Evicted: Joshuah
 buh-bye chelsia buh-bye Joshuah
Twelfth Evicted: James
Thirteenth Evicted: Natalie
buh-bye James bye natalie
Fourteenth Evicted: SharonFifteenth Evicted: Sheila
buh-bye Sharonbye sheila!
Runner-Up: RyanWinner: Adam
bye-Rycongrats Adam
And it's a wrap...fade ad for BB10.... See you soon.
wrap chairsBB10

And a special parting shot for our favorite HGs of the year, George and Skippy (that's George on the left, and Skippy on the right--told you I could tell them apart).

George and Skippy