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vote early and often

America's Choice: Who do you want to bring back? 

[And be mocked by the producers.]

Something I found a little odd about the voting for a HG to return was that there is no "$0.99/txt msg" voting, it's all the free online voting.  I'm wondering if the pay-for-votes has just become barely profitable b/c everyone votes online (I've never understood why one would pay to vote anyway).   I have to say, I've never been a big fan of the auto-voter concept.  If you're not at least willing to hit the back and submit buttons a few times, why should they get a ton of votes?  However, I do think it  should be more than 1 vote per person.  Allow people to vote some number of times that lets them basically rank a first, second and third choice or something.  But, all that being said, there's something to the idea of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" (or rather 'you're going to beat 'em you're going to have to join 'em').

Update 3/12:  Well it turns out it didn't matter how early or often we voted...our votes really didn't count.  As Julie said "the devil they know" won out over the "the devil they don't know."  We wasted a week, wasted our votes, but at least we know where we stand.  And at least no one paid to vote.  Whatever.  James came "back." If a HG gets evicted and is back within minutes, did it really happen?

Some thoughts on the options:


george, skippy, jacob?

He might stir up a little drama, assuming Sharon is still there.  He hardly got to play, but we never got to know him, so we don't really care. 



There would definitely be some drama created by reviving the Ryan/Jen "twist"  Personally, I never really cared about Jen that much, and I find Ryan more interesting since she left. 



He was fun for a while, but his "strike" and general less-than-stellar attitude left a bad taste for me. 



Everyone agrees he got a raw deal, getting booted solely b/c of his partner.  He seemed like a good guy, and it would be fun to see him play on his own.  Matty would be all over reviving their alliance.  And that could be fun to watch.  And if Sharon's still there, we could get a showmance...maybe even a Matt-Sharon-Alex showmance triangle.



She was super-fun as a HG, and a lot of people would love to see her back.  She was good for drama, but would she be as good without Parker or Alex?  Who knows.  Though, I have to say, with the whole bromance thing, I'd sort of like to see a girl come back. 



If she gets voted back in, she'd be completely unbearable.  She was good for the drama, but she was also one of the most hypocritical, irritating HGs ever.  I'd take pretty much any of them over her.  I think there are a lot of people who would vote to bring her back just to see the reaction out of Joshuah.