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sleepin' all day, stayin' up all night....

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posted Monday, 15 September 2008

As things wind down for the Final 2, they're killing time by sleeping as much as possible. Especially Dan, who is winning the marathon nap competition. Around 3PM BBT on Sunday Memphis (who had only been up since about 12:30) turned to the camera and said to BB "would you play some music and wake Dan's ass up?"

sleepy 1 sleepy 2

Everyone's so bored it's not funny. The camera operators have resorted to trying to find more interesting angles to show the spider from. Turns out there isn't an interesting angle on a spider. Makes me really miss George and Skippy.


Anyway...when they finally do drag themselves out of bed, BB has actually given them more toys to amuse themselves with than the F2 usually get. They've got cards (the oversize ones from earlier in the season were traded in for normal ones), remote control cars, bocce ball, and a few other things. They made a football out of tin foil. And they finally got the sushi dinner they've been asking for. What more could a boy want?

cards sushi

Okay, so they want to see their girlfriends, family, and friends, and they're counting down the hours to freedom. And they want to win that half million dollar prize.


But meanwhile, they're having a bit of fun. They decide to put on their own mini "Olympics" of a game pentathlon. The events included everything from chess to card tossing. Memphis won handily. BB gave them their final ration of beer, which they set out for beer pong. Memphis again won handily and managed to get Dan a little tipsy.

a rare quad

memphis tipsy

Julie went off for a solo appearance with Craig Ferguson. She said she thinks Dan should win. I was kind of surprised, I expected her not to take a side. But then again, what does she care what anyone thinks? She also said that the jury doesn't always vote for the best player. This would be true, and we'll just have to wait and see what this jury does. But whichever way it goes, I think they both played good games, and I hope each will be happy for the other if he wins.

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