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careful what you wish for

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posted Thursday, 12 July 2012

With the feed leakage a few days ago, everyone was so focused on spotting the re-runs that there wasn't initially a lot of notice given to whom we did not see. It was only a few shots and a missing person could have just been off in the DR or the bathroom or something, but that didn't stop people from speculating that someone was already kicked. By late yesterday there was a lot of buzz that Jodi was gone. And when Julie revealed an early twist that someone would be kicked on night one, it was all but confirmed.

Which just made it ironic when Jodi commented in her intro that she hoped she didn't have to spend her summer with people creating drama and chaos. Even without the likelihood that she was outta there, I would have raised an eyebrow at such a comment. If you don't like drama and chaos, what in the heck are you doing on BB?

But first, the first 12 were sent into the house. For the record, Ashley was the first through the door. (Also, for the record, Julie's first "but first" was about 2 minutes into the show.) We had the usual go around the room and introduce/lie about ourselves. Before they brought in the re-runs I had a brief moment of nostalgia, thinking about how nice it would be to start a season with all and only fresh faces and watch it all play out. But on the other hand, if we have to get re-runs, I am reasonably happy with who we got. They could have left Boogie at home, but the other 3 are all past faves of mine, so I'm not going to complain.

There was a little more get to know you chatting, including Dan pretty much calling out Willie on his brother's identity. Janelle and Boogie were also on to him, and they're all assuming he's going to play BB the way Russell played Survivor (full disclosure here--I'm not a Survivor watcher and though I've heard of Russell and a bit about how he played I really know nothing about him, nor do I particularly care.) Britney may very well have come to the same conclusion, but after getting screwed over by the Brogade on BB12 she might like some ruthlessness on her side.

So, it's out to pick teams and the breakdown is:

Team Britney: Shane, Willie, JoJo

Team Boogie: Frank, Ian, Jenn

Team Janelle: Wil, Ashley, Joe

Team Dan: Danielle, Kara, Jodi

They scramble for teddy bears and it's Team Britney for the win, and Coach Dan's girls go down in flames. Brit picks Willie to be the first HOH, and Dan kicks Jodi.

I wouldn't necessarily count Jodi completely out just yet. Though Dan did say "I have to evict you" we didn't hear the words from Julie. And though this is the "biggest cast ever" (or at least equal to the BB9 cast), only 12 competing for the grand prize is actually on the small side, so there could easily be a revival.

For now, we're just waiting for the real show to begin when the livefeeds kick in. I'll be back with a new entry and screencaps.


Lines of the Show

Britney: Ooh, yeah, roses and rainbows. Big Brother super fun.
Boogie: I consider myself the best player to ever play the BB game.
me: gag
Jodi: Let's just hope I don't have to spend my summer with the people who cause drama and chaos.
Willie: I'm not really worried about Britney's game, or these other players' game. It's all about me.
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