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controlling chaos

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posted Thursday, 12 July 2012

There are just so many of them.....

The feeds kick in and it's total chaos. With 15 hamsters scampering around and chattering it's nearly impossible to figure out what's going on. Ian does feedsters a huge favor by turning to a camera and explaining that Frank and Kara are the noms and Ashley , Danielle, and (I think) himself are the Have-Notties.


kara frank

ashley danielle

Scheming is also well underway. Boogie is up in HOH having a chat with Willie, making a pitch to save his man Frank. Meanwhile Janelle is downstairs with a bunch of the girls talking about how important it is to keep Kara. It's starts to seem like Britney and Janelle have teamed up their teams, though it's not clear which of their newbies are really in on this deal. They haven't played POV yet, so this is all a bit premature, but not too much. Everyone is trying to make sure their bases are covered, no matter what the outcome of the comp (which is apparently to be played tomorrow).

There is a booze delivery and the HGs work out a deal where the girls get all the alcohol tonight and the guys will get everything the next time. Before the end of the evening, it's pretty clear that there is a lot more friction between various HGs than is normal for this point in the season. A number of people are already starting to get on each others nerves. At this point they're managing to keep things under control, but if there's this much tension already, I predict major chaos before long.

None of the feed viewers are working with the new feeds yet, so I'm stuck with the standard superpass and the ghetto screencaps I can get from them. So, for now it's just a pile of chaos for the caps too.

wil brit

joe dan

jojo jenn

janelle willie

boogie shane


And Waldo (Dan's cross) is back: waldo

Lines of the Day

Ian: Kara and Frank are nominated, and Ashley and Danielle are you can go put that on Wikipedia.
Britney (about Boogie): Don't put your crotch anywhere his crotch has been.
Kara: They were playing "never have I ever" and I didn't want to play. My mom is watching this!
Kara (about Danielle): You have to understand, she's on her period and that makes her act crazy.
Dan: Well, you'll need to help me with that. Because as a football coach, I never have to deal with that.
Janelle: I want to get the Booger out so bad.


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