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a day late and a dollar short

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posted Friday, 13 July 2012

The BB HGs celebrated Friday the 13th with a POV comp. They disappear behind some brand new trivia and when they come back we're reminded that Shane's in the house--he won the POV. Prior to the comp, he was pretty invisible. He was one of the quietest last night and even though he was playing in the veto, he wasn't one of the ones running around talking about how much he had to win and plotting what would happen if he did. For those who haven't memorized the rosters yet, this gives Team Brit their second comp win.

foth shane pov

The comp had something to do with running through "soapy water" and searching for coins, which then had to tossed into some kind of jar or something. It sounds like the goal was to get over a dollar value, and there were some $1 coins. For whatever reason Danielle was collecting the dollar coins and stacking them in the back of the comp area. Team Brit and Team Janelle are convinced Dan told her to do this so that Kara and Frank could grab them. They're shocked Danielle would blow her own chance to win the POV when if Kara or Frank had won and saved themselves Danielle was a potential repl-nom. There's also no rational explanation for why Team Dan would want to help Frank. I'm not at all convinced that they correctly interpreted her behavior....I guess we'll have to wait for the show coverage to see what they're talking about.

kara frank

There's now a lot of anti-Team Dan feeling around the house. A lot of people don't particularly like Danielle, and they're starting to think that with Jodi gone, if Kara goes this week, they can go after Danielle next week and kick a whole team right off the bat. Willie has all along wanted to kick Kara over Frank, but before the comp, Britney was all about kicking Frank. Once the POV is over though there's a pow-wow among Team Brit and they all agree they should keep Frank. Britney says not to say anything to Team Janelle just yet since she wants to keep Kara. But later on Brit and Janie have their own private check-in and start talking about about the coaches becoming part of the game at some point (as in competing for the $500K). It's not clear whether they're just speculating that this will happen or if they know something. In any case, they realize that if the two games merge, they're better off against Boogie than Dan. They feel Dan's too well like and (in their words) "brainwashy" and the newbies would be likely to join up with him. But Brit and Janie have been running a huge smear campaign against Boogie, and feel confident the newbies will side with the 2 of them over him if it comes to that.

janie brit

To complicate things further, after sitting upstairs and being very on board with the kick-Kara plan, Shane checks in later with Dan and Kara and makes a pretty convincing pitch that he's all for her staying. Joe also stops in to visit and tells them he's super-pissed at Boogie because he has been pushing Willie to nom Joe (I believe this is all true--both that Boogie's been making that pitch and Joe's pissed) and he's all about kicking Frank. Wil also seems legitimately close to Kara and Danielle and wants to keep Kara over Frank. When Brit and Janie have their chat the wrap up wondering how they're going to sell kick-Kara to their teamies as being in their best interest. The best plan they have so far is that eliminating a coach entirely is good for all the other teams' odds.


We also learned from the chatter last night that there's a new comp for the coaches. It seems whichever coach wins gets to pick one of their players to be safe from noms. Boogie won this week and has kept Ian safe. Which explains how he's not on the block when just about everyone seems to find him as annoying as heck. He's not just the youngest in the house, but he plays the annoying kid brother role to a T.


In other (non-game) news, Ashley was in major pain last night, and the DR gave her some sort of muscle relaxer/pain killer that basically got her so stoned she couldn't move. She was up in HOH and literally couldn't stand on her own. At one point Willie and Danielle were trying to help her downstairs (she's a have-not and technically can't sleep anywhere other than the HN room), but after a brief fish intermission they had given up and she ended up sleeping in the HOH bed. I'm pretty sure that intelligence prevailed and someone realized that Ashley probably would have died on the spiral stairs in her condition and let it go. But this incident also led to some interesting moments when the HGs were discussing the meds she was given, and Danielle asked a lot of questions that wouldn't normally come out of a typical kindergarten teacher. This was noted by a number of people, and there's suspicion all over the place that she's lying about her job. I say she's going to get caught before long, in large part because she can't seem to keep quiet herself.

danielle ashley

There were a number of great non-game conversations, interesting stories, and such, but it's nearly 4AM my time, so I need to wrap this up.

But first, in some late breaking game news, Kara has suddenly kicked into campaign mode. She had a chat with Wil and Joe and suddenly realized that they were only going to vote to keep her if Team Britney was on-board. If TeamBrit wasn't with them and they voted for Kara, either they'd lose outright or it would go to a tie-breaker and Willie would kick Kara. The fact that they were hinting at this made Kara realize that she didn't have Team Brit on her side. So she went and talked to Willie and made a decent pitch. He seemed to be at least considering her points. He did come right out and ask her if Dan and Boogie had an alliance. She said no-way, no-how. Willie was clearly skeptical, and Kara ended up saying that if they did have a deal, she wasn't in on it. A bit later Dan sat down with Willie and Britney and had a follow-up chat. They asked him about Boogie too and he also said no way. He acknowledged that they had talked, and it seemed like they were going to have to team up by default since Brit and Janelle were clearly together. But then he found out that Boogie was talking shit about him and pitching Team Dan under that fabled bus, and in Dan's mind that meant all potential deals were off.

campaign kara willie

The whole conversation was classic BB10 Dan. He's being as completely honest as anyone in BB land ever can be, making good points and being respectful at the same time. He also explains a bit about his coaching strategy, which as an actual professional coach is pretty damn good. Time will tell if this sways Willie and Brit, or just emphasizes Dan's strengths and reinforces the idea of getting rid of Team Dan asap.

coach dan

Further update...before I could finish the post, Dan wraps up in HOH and as soon as he leaves, Brit and Willie collapse in laughter. They say they feel totally brainwashed and that while he was talking they were about ready to give up anything he asked for. But they realize that this just proves how good he is at this game and they've got to kick Kara as the next step in Kill Dan.


Lines of the Day

Dan (about Jessie): He's got a small head, but he's a big dude.
(me: That's why I call him Zippy the Pinhead.)

Janelle: If the coaches are going to go into the game, oh my god, we have to get Dan out. He's so well liked, no one would nominate him.

Willie: If you're going to beat someone up, don't do it in their house. You need them to come outside.

Janelle: I need to get on a better schedule. I don't want to be up til like 3, 4, 5 in the morning.
Britney: So I need to make decaf, is that what you're telling me?

Britney: We can't make a decision now because we'd change our minds 16 times before....

Willie (to Dan): You do a way better job (than Boogie) of communicatin' with people, without people wantin' to punch you in the back of the head.

Willie: You could be lying to me
Dan: I know you've only known me for 7 days, but I think you know how I played this game before.
Britney: Doesn't it seem like so much longer?
Dan: >laugh< Yeah.....But all I have to go with is my past reputation.
Willie: I trust you more than Boogie, if that's what you want to hear.

Willie (about Dan): He could lead a cult.



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