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flip 'em before they burn

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posted Saturday, 14 July 2012

It's a nothing day in the BB house, in that there are no comps or ceremonies. We got our first round of sunbathing for the feeds, and a few attempts to just put the game aside for a while. But that didn't really last long. After Dan's excellent pitch last night, Janelle and Britney were all about how Kara has to go so they could get Coach Dan out of the house sooner rather than later. But today Boogie came and made his pitch to save Frank and afterwards Janelle in particular started to worry that they were making a mistake by kicking Kara. As of this evening, it seems like the choice between KickKara and KickFrank is pretty much a toss-up. TeamBrit is leaning more toward KickKara and TeamJanie is leaning more toward KickFrank. But there's already been so much flipping, it's dizzying, and it's only Saturday. For the sake of my own sanity, I'm trying not to care.


I have been trying to wrap my mind around Britney and Janelle's attitude towards Dan. They both keep talking about not only how persuasive he is, but also how dishonest and untrustworthy they think him to be. The first part I get, and even when they start saying he's manipulative and controlling, or brainwashing and puppeteering, that's really all just the dark side of persuasion. But I don't really get the dishonest part. Dan actually plays one of the most honest successful games of BB we've ever seen. He's probably second only to Jordan. Britney in particular seems to think that it's not okay to campaign to more than one person. As in, Dan has proposed teaming up with Team Brit. Britney knows he's also talked with Janelle about teaming up with her people. So Britney says he's lying by not telling her this. I see it completely the other way around. If I were her I'd be more concerned if he was spilling everything about conversations with other people. That would be a sign that he would just as surely tell others what he'd talked about with her.

janie brit

I think a big issue for both Britney and Janelle is that they've been burned before. In Britney's case, she got so screwed over by the Brogade that it makes it hard for her to trust anyone. And Janelle got so charmed by Dr. Will that listening to Dan has to be giving her flashbacks. I can't blame either one of them for being wary of Dan, but what they seem to be forgetting is that Boogie is just as bad. And if you want to talk about someone, you can't trust....

dan boogie

It occurs to me that the bottom line is that evicting Kara is better for the coaches, where evicting Frank is better for the players. If Kara ends up being the one that goes, it shows that the coaches are using the players for their own purposes. What's ironic is that if they played the game purely from a perspective of what's best for the players, it ought to work out well for them too. But Britney and Janelle have gotten so focused on eliminating Dan entirely that they're missing the fact that failing to get rid of Frank now will probably make it harder for their players further down the line. And even from a "coaches comp" perspective, having both Dan and Boogie's teams down to 2 members is actually better for J/B than having Dan down to one and Boogie left with 3.



Lines of the Day

Wil: I'm going to have to go to rehab for coffee after this.

Britney: Dan lies.

Janelle: Kara has got to go.
and a short while later... Janelle: We will be so screwed if we leave Frank in this game.

Boogie (reading the instructions for the fire pit): 'In the event that something catches on fire, use the extinguisher located next to the outdoor refrigerator and IMMEDIATELY notify Big Brother.'... I'm pretty sure they'd notice if the backyard was on fire.

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