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too much, too early

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posted Sunday, 15 July 2012

They had the POV meeting today, and as expected, Shane did not use the veto. However, it seems Frank said something that has caused another flip. No clue exactly what happened, but when they popped out from behind the trivia, everyone was talking about how all he had to do was keep his mouth shut and he'd have been fine but now he'd blown it. The latest plan from Team BritJanie is to keep Kara. There was quite a bit of talk about letting Kara think she was going and letting Frank think he was staying so that everyone from TeamDan and TeamBoogie would be thrown off for the HOH comp. There was also some talk about making it a split vote and letting Willie break the tie, but he really didn't like that as it puts a huge target on him. The last I heard, the plan was to orchestrate a 5-3 vote and to plant someone as a spy in TeamBoogie's camp. This will probably all change a bunch of times before Thursday, but things are looking a lot better for Kara than they were 24 hours ago.

wil kara

The show cast a fair amount of light on why Willie's been so reluctant to KickFrank. Making a deal so early was a mistake on Willie's part, if you ask me. Week 1 deals rarely work out, but ever since the Brogade they're more tempting. Speaking of which, Boogie pulled together Frank, Willie and Shane and suggested that they form a "Brigade" (yes, he actually used the word) and they all said they were on board. I do believe Willie and Shane are just humouring Boogie/Frank, but you never know. My only thought was that if Willie or Shane even whisper the term Brigade near Britney her head will likely explode.

willie frank

Even before the POV meeting, Joe popped up and told Janelle and later the rest of the group that Jenn and Frank had come to him last night offering a deal that involved targeting Willie and Shane. I have no idea if this conversation really happened or not. It also could be that that is what got TeamBrit to turn on Frank, and not something he said at the ceremony. Joe has been all about keeping Kara all along, so it's a little convenient that the other side just happened to come to him with a proposal (which no one else heard) that helps the Keep Kara case.

The show didn't really tell us much we didn't already know. It had taken me a while to realize there were 4 HaveNotties, one from each team, but I did pick up on it yesterday and figured it was a deal where each coach had to pick someone. Those beds apparently are deadly - they are the source of Ashley's back issues that led to the drugs that had her stoned the other night, and Shane's been hobbling around now for a few days as well. But other than the beds, there's not been a lot of HN whining this year. Mostly because Chef Joe has been making slop concoctions for them that are apparently quite edible. And most HGs deal with the cold showers w/o too much complaint.

shane danielle

As for the Coaches' Comp, Dan could have made it a less obvious that he was throwing it. In fact, I think he could have tried and still would have lost. It's a bit hard to fault his logic that saving one player would have made the other a bigger target, but in the end it didn't matter. For the show's purposes it worked best for Boogie to win and protect Ian. The rest of them were so put off by Ian that he would have gone so easily it would have been boring.

boogie dan

In other news, Ian and Ashley decided to have a Showtime Date. They both got dressed up, and Chef Joe created some completely have-not legal dishes for them. Before the date, Ian sat down and got some dating advice from, of all people, Boogie. In addition to trying to give him real dating tips, Boogie told him to spend some time doing game recon and trying to get a vote for Frank.

ash Ian

Lines of the Day

Willie: That's my problem, I don't listen.

Willie: The next time I can play HOH, I'm gonna win.
Janelle: I think it's cute that you're such a go-getter.
Willie: You don't think I will? Didn't you think you would?
Janelle: I wanted to win back-to-back, but I never did that.

Dan: I'm not sure Ian's ready for this.

Ian: Mom, if you're watching, this is just for fun.

brit janie

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