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another day, another flip

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posted Monday, 16 July 2012

So, they changed their minds again. Color me shocked. I think the most annoying thing about all the flipping back and forth is that it's not happening for any particular reason. The arguments for Kick Kara vs. Kick Frank have never changed. What keeps changing is which one is more persuasive that day. The decision has flip-flopped literally once a day since the feeds kicked in. At this rate Frank will be evicted just because Thursday turns out to be his turn to have the short end of the stick.

frank kara

There's been a lot of talk about the whole deal with what happens to a coach when his/her entire team is gone. On the surface a lot were assuming that when a coach's last player got booted the coach went too. Janelle and Britney have said (to each other) that they think that around the mid-point in the game any coaches still left in the house will move into playing for themselves. I agree that there's got to be more to the coach twist than meets the eye, or at least there's another twist coming. The latest theory I've heard is that when a coach's last player is eliminated he/she gets to start playing for themselves. That would actually be a good twist. The first person to get into the game would be someone who got targeted by the rest of them, or wasn't a good coach (that's pretty unexpected). And once that little wrinkle was known it would totally change the dynamic between the remaining coaches and their players.

So, let's dissect what Julie said on the first show:

"They haven't come here to compete against you, instead, they will be coaching you. Each coach will pick 3 Houseguests that they will guide all summer long. And they too have a lot at stake, because if one of the Houseguests they've chosen wins it all, that coach will win $100K."

There's nothing said about the coach leaving with their last player. It is said that they haven't come to compete against the HGs, but that doesn't mean that won't eventually be competing against them. (Sort of like when they asked us to vote for whom we would like to see go back into BB9, or last season when they said the evicted HG would have a chance to get back in the game.) They did say the coaches would be selecting players to guide all summer which sort of makes the theory that they could end up competing against their own players unlikely. The other argument against de-coaching is that it was said that if one of their players wins, the coach will win the $100K. If the "enter the game" theory were correct, and the coaches started competing at some point but one of the newbies ended up winning, would their coach still get the coach's prize? That hardly seems right. One counter-theory to that came from Britney: maybe at some point the coaches would be asked if they wanted to keep coaching or join the game, giving up the chance at the coach prize. Janelle shot that down, and I tend to agree. Giving them a choice doesn't make sense since you could end up with some players with coaches and some without.

dan brit

Of course BB could always flip the script and do something that is in conflict with what Julie said. They'd come up with some weasel wordy explanation for how it was in line with the original statement. Or not. As always, it's their show, and they can do what they want. But for now, I'm buying the theory that either the coach is done when the last player goes, or there's some twist at that point. Maybe the coach could chose to leave instead of their player and give the player another shot, or let the player go and start playing themselves. It seems likely that there's some twist to add at least one more player to the eviction list, but since we know Jodi was returned to the real world, it's not seeming like a second chance for an evictee.

Oh, in other news, it's Boogie's birthday. They made him a cake and he's hoping for sushi. He made such an ass out of himself the last time he spent a b-day in the BB house, I'll be just as glad if the festivities remain low-key.

cake birthday boy

That's all I've got for you for now. It's really pointless to try to follow the vote flipping at this point. And I'm pretty beat since I had to get up for the "real job" this morning around the time I've been going to sleep for the last few days....takes a while to get into the anti-hibernation mode I use for BB.

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