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i don't know, dude

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posted Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The title is Willie's refrain of the day. In a week of flips, today became the day of flips. So much happened so fast today, that I could barely keep up. If today's blog post is a bit disjointed, it's only because things were changing faster than I could type. That being's what I've got for you:

Late last night, after significant hinting from Britney, Willie came to the conclusion that the coaches are going to be playing the game at some point. He discussed this brainstorm with Brit, and decided that the rest of the newbies needed to be clued in. So, first thing this morning, he called a mini-house meeting of all the newbies, and revealed his theory. It's not really clear what effect this was supposed to have. The re-runs are all denying that it's an option. or staying quiet on the subject. Janelle's mentioned her contract a few times, which has mostly been fishied out. Dan's been remarkably non-committal, Britney's all upset that this somehow puts her in a bad light, and Boogie seems mildly confused.

coach brit coach janie

coach boogie coach dan

At first, the turn of events seemed to favor Kara staying. Team Janie seemed pretty put out that Willie was taking such a dictatorial stance on how they should vote, and Joe popped in and told Dan that if he could get a stray vote from Team Brit or Boogie that he was "in" to keep Kara. Kara herself had been working on JoJo and seemed to have a reasonable shot at getting her vote. But on the other hand, JoJo and Shane are pretty solid with Willie, so no matter what JoJo says, she's probably not going to be swayed. And to further complicate matters for the save-Kara camp, Ashley and Willie are working on a potential Showmance and she seems unlikely to join in any anti-Frank voting. But then before you could say "flip" TeamJanie is joining up with TeamBoogie. They're keeping Frank, but all turning on Willie ASAP. Apparently Frank outed some homophobic comments that Willie made about Wil. Everyone's seeing that Willie's only interested in keeping the "big guys" around. So he's basically lost the support of everyone other than JoJo and Shane. However, they see keeping Frank as the best way to ultimately get at Willie. And it serves to make Willie think he's all good if they vote the way they want. To confuse matters further, a couple people have come right out and told Kara that they're voting to keep her because they're so mad at Willie, but then by the time you change feeds the very same person is in talking to Willie saying they're keeping Frank.

willieash willie shane

I have to mention, that I didn't hear Willie make the comments about Wil, but I don't think it's pure fiction. Wil most definitely believes it--he had a little breakdown over it, and Jenn and Kara were there to comfort him....but wait....before I could finish this post, more details come out. Apparently what happened was that Willie was mocking Wil for saying that he was going to take 24 hours off of game talk and then talking game 5 seconds later. He did put on a voice affect and wave his hands, but it doesn't sound like he actually made any homophobic slurs. Frank himself even came right out and said to Britney, and in front of Wil, that he's on the block and has to use whatever he could to gain votes.

wil comfort

Later on Dan, Kara and Wil have a little chat where Wil says that if Kara can get that 5th vote, Team Janie will vote to keep her. Interestingly enough, Dan starts making a few comments about the different coaches and how they played in their respective seasons. He says that he'd personally like to work with Janelle because she's pretty honest, where Britney and Boogie both lied a lot in their seasons. Dan comments that he himself will never just make stuff up....if he has information, he'll use it/frame it to his/his players' advantage, but he won't flat out lie. I say it's interesting because I think that's exactly what Wil's doing here. He's saying they would vote to keep Kara if she could get JoJo's vote, but he knows there's pretty much no chance in hell that's going to happen.


It is starting to look more and more set that Kara will be kicked come Thursday. But, it's nearly impossible to follow all the deals, lies, suspicions and motives, so I'm just about to give up on keeping track. To top off a confusing day, the fish were the stars for the feeds for a couple hours this afternoon/evening. A production leak showed a costumed character in the storage room (looked like he was supposed to be a "burglar") and we heard a producer say something about doing another take. When the HGs were back on screen they weren't talking about anything happening, and they're usually not good about keeping quiet even when they've been told, so I'm thinking either they were locked out and don't know what happened, or it was really short and they button boy just fell asleep and forgot to put the feeds back on. A thief in the house normally implies the "what's missing" HOH comp, but it seems waaaaaay to early in the season for that. As a further oddity, Willie did the HOH pics and blog (I can't wait for his blog....he's so articulate it's bound to be a masterpiece in English literature, right?) which usually doesn't happen until Wednesday. And Frank said something to Kara about packing. For a minute I was wondering if I'd missed a day somewhere.

the real stars pic


But then, because they're determined to destroy the narrative thread of my blog entry....Brit goes and tells Willie that Frank's been bad-mouthing him. Willie storms out and confronts Frank. There's a lot of screaming, Willie asking why Frank would play him like that when he's working so hard to save him. Frank says that he'd heard that Willie was trying to get the votes split so that Frank would stay, but be upset at TeamJanie for one or two of them voting against him and therefore he'd be after them over Willie. Willie asks about the "homosexual slurs" (his words) and Frank says he never said it like that, he just said that Willie was mocking Wil with the high pitched voice and jazz hands. Things got pretty heated, and Joe got drawn into it, since he's the one who told Wil what happened. Joe's thing is that he's felt all along like he's Willie's next target. By the end of the fight, Willie's saying he prays to God that Kara stays.

Then there's another round of negotiations with Dan and Willie and then Willie with Kara/Danielle. Willie's now 100% on SaveKara, and even saying he'd love to break a tie and pitch Frank. Willie gets a solid commitment to keep Kara from Shane, and a like 95% commitment from JoJo (she's a bit nervous that she's going to make herself a target by hanging on with Willie). Willie believes he's got Ashley, which gives him the 4. Meanwhile Dan and Janelle have a quick check-in and Dan mentions that Janelle had been "hoping for a miracle" and just got one (reminding her of the deal that her team would vote save Kara if Dan could get another vote). Since Dan's now got 2 plus the tie-breaker, (not counting Ashley b/c she's TeamJanie....and Janelle actually doesn't know that she's already committed to Willie and Dan's not spilling), Janelle should be all on board. She hesitates, and I don't think that escapes Dan's notice. Earlier Janelle talked with Willie and expressed that she was still pissed about his anti-coach meeting. She also said her people could vote however they wanted and she wasn't going to discuss it. At the same time she pointed out that she's been saying Kill Frank all week.

frank willie

In other strange comments of the day, Danielle asked Dan if he "still" wanted her to throw HOH if Kara is evicted. He said yes, and I had to wonder what kind of crack he's on. If he's been telling her all along not to try for it, it makes me wonder if he doesn't know/think it's not the end of a coach's world when their last player goes. On the other hand, with Willie's behavior today, if Kara goes it would be a good move for Danielle to stay off the radar. And, I also have to remind myself that I thought Dan had completely lost his mind when he made the deal with Ollie that ultimately pretty much won BB10 for him. So, maybe he knows what he's doing. [This happened hours before the explosion....I can't see any way Dan orchestrated that, though he did say earlier in the day that someone would "snap" sometime today.]

dan danielle


Lines of the Day

Willie: The nominations have to stay the same
me: What day of the week do you think it is, dude?

Wil (about Willie): Someone needs to cut off his dick and sew it to his nose so people will point and laugh at him.

Danielle: If Kara goes, do you still want me to throw it [HOH]?
Dan: Mm-hmm
me: Dan, what are you smoking?

Dan: If I were playing in this game, I'd want Janelle as my coach because there's not a malicious bone in her body.

Britney: I don't think I can deal with one more drop of drama in here.

Kara: Everything changes here on like a daily basis.

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