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ashley, no questions, she'll tell you all lies

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posted Wednesday, 18 July 2012

It's been such a crazy week, I have to make today a light day. It's ending up to be the kind of week BB loves. The house has flipped so many times that they'll have plenty of misdirection fodder. The latest intelligence strongly suggests that it's going to be a tie-breaker week. What's interesting is that after all the back and forth and drama of the week, all the worrying about the coaches, decimating Dan's team, and identifying the Big Threats, it's all going to come down to Ashley.

queen ashley willie

Frank has his Teamies, Jenn and Ian as 100% solid votes, and likewise Kara has her teamie, Danielle. With the Great Divide of Frank v. Willie, Willie's teamies, JoJo and Shane are now solid with Keep Kara. Joe is 100% anti-Willie and has his vote locked in to keep Frank. Wil is equally anti-Willie, and though he "feels bad" turning on his buddy Kara, he's committed to keep Frank. Janelle was not big on keeping Frank, but after some thought she's decided that having him in the game is better for Wil and Joe. Frank provides a bigger target, and he'll go after Willie. Kara doesn't serve any similar purpose to Joe/Wil.

kara frank

So, that leaves Ashley. Each side thinks they have her, and she's pretty much confirmed herself to each side. It seems to me she's been a little more committed to the Keep Kara camp. But it's really a toss up. I'm starting to think that the way Janelle treats her may well be the deciding factor. The rest of TeamJanie pulls her in when they need to make sure they've got her vote, but they don't ask for her input. And when they had a team check-in this evening I don't think it escaped her notice that Janelle was switching to Keep Frank because it protected Wil and Joe, and that what was in Ashley's best interest was not a factor in the logic. She's also gotten pretty close to Willie, and she's had enough chats with Kara, Danielle, JoJo and Shane that I think she feels pretty secure. If/When the whole thing blows up she won't be the first target. It's also been pointed out to her that though she'll be a top suspect as the flipper, she's not the only suspect. And she might be able to cast suspicion off herself.

wil joe

Coach Dan went to work this evening and checked in with Willie. It was just the 2 of them at first, then Brit popped in. Willie confirmed that Kara has Shane and JoJo, and they all agree she's got Danielle. Willie also said if Dan gets that last vote, he will break the tie in her favor. Willie/Brit know they have Ashley, but they didn't want to come right out and tell him that and potentially hang Ashley out to dry. Dan said he'd be working on people, and Willie said it was quite possible that anyone could flip. He said "Jenn could flip, Ian could flip, Wil could flip." Dan didn't say much; just that he'd be working for Kara. After Dan left, Britney blew up at Willie, telling him the whole house thinks he's the devil and he needs to keep his mouth shut and listen to her. This freak out on Willie was an interesting turn of events. It was really clear that she is most concerned about herself in the game. She said a couple of times that he had made things harder for her, and seemed utterly unconcerned with her players' standing in the game. One thing Brit was upset about was Willie saying "someone" could flip, pointing out that Dan could guess they know something and it makes them look shady. It seems like they want the votes to go Kara's way, but they don't want Dan to know how it happened. Which is beyond stupid. The problem is that without having all the information, it's possible Dan could accidentally blow the whole thing.


After talking to Brit/Willie, Dan went to talk to Janelle. She told him her team was keeping Frank because they want him to go after Willie, not because they had anything against Kara. She said she can't influence them, and basically told him to give up. He asked who on her team was the least likely to switch to Kara. She didn't answer, and then he said "Joe?" She agreed, and Dan started asking about Wil. The problem is that not knowing about Ashley makes Dan think he's got to work for a vote and he sees Wil as the most likely candidate since he's supposedly "so close" with Kara. But the fact is, he'd be wasting his efforts there and needs to talk to Ashley. And if he knows she's already pretty much on board all he has to do is cement the deal. I'd be more worried if it were anyone else. Dan's pretty smart, and subtlety is his specialty. He may well notice that Ashley was the one potential vote Willie didn't mention as flipping and figure out that's because he's protecting her from the spotlight. And Kara did talk to Ashley and got a promise of a vote. I do believe Kara told Dan this (I know she told Danielle, JoJo, Shane and Willie).

dan janie

At the same time, Ashley's been pretty convincing to the other side. She told TeamJanie she'd vote with them, though she gave them a bit of a hard time about how they keep changing their mind. She's also talked with Frank and told him that even though she's let Willie & co. believe she's voting to keep Kara she's really not going to. She says that she doesn't like that Willie & co think they can manipulate her and think that she's stupid. I was just about to wrap up this paragraph by saying that I think she's lying to Frank when she went out and told Danielle that she was going to vote to evict Kara. She feels like she can't go against her "team" and to vote out Frank would put her in a horrible position. Since this is the first time I've heard her tell someone something that isn't what they want to hear, I'd assume it's true. At the moment there are too many people around for further conversation, but it's always possible that Danielle will get this info spread out to the Keep Kara camp and she could get flipped back. It's also possible that Ashley is not actually flipping back to keeping Frank, but is doing whatever she can to make sure she's not the top suspect when there is a hinky vote. Nothing's a done deal until the votes are cast, but it's likely to be a good show tomorrow no matter what.

jojo shane


I don't have much to say about the show. Everything it covered happened forever ago. One thing of note ... it doesn't seem like Danielle actually did anything hinky with stacking/hiding the dollar coins, nor did Dan tell her to throw the comp. Basically she just sucked at it. One piece of random BB trivia: Mike Boogie won the first ever HOH comp back on BB2, and then the first ever Coaches Comp.


Oh, and Ian and Jenn are still in there (trust me that's Jenn, though that's the best cap I've got of her). With the way BB goes, one of them will win HOH tomorrow.

jenn ian

And okay, that was a failure as a "light" entry. winky


Lines of the Day

Willie: I ain't these people's daddy.

Willie: Janelle decided to switch and take her people from the team. Thing is, she forgot one.

Janelle: They're going to approach you for your vote. What are you going to tell them?
Ashley: I don't know. What should I say, coach?

Shane: It's obviously been up and down, up and down, up and down every day.

Dan: Once the vacuums come out, it's over.

Wil: You can't be close friends after 11 days.

Britney (watching the HOH spy screen for Dan to get a chance to talk to Ashley): Go Dan go! Go Dan go!
Willie: Yeah, go work your magic Dan.

Lines of the Show

Boogie: Hey America, please kick me in the face.

Britney: I thought Boogie was supposed to be good at this game.


Too bad this isn't a cap of the real nominees... that would be an easy choice.

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