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oh goodness

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posted Thursday, 19 July 2012

The drama continued right up until the last minute. Though Ashley did declare her intention to vote to evict Kara, she was waffly enough that there was chance she would go the other way. Dan worked on things for as long as he could, but his magic mist was running low and nothing was coming of it. Wil let Kara know that he wouldn't be voting for her, and she cried a bit. He told her it wasn't personal, blah blah blah.

kara cries ash

But even with all that, there was still a small chance things would flip. BB didn't need their usual misdirection, because there was no clear direction to go. I thought Kara looked pretty happy on the eviction chair and Frank looked worried, but in the end that was probably more resignation than relief on her part. The speeches were the real clincher. Frank's was pretty good: respectful, reasonable and just a little bit funny. Kara was clearly nervous. Those speeches never change anything anyway, but she could have done better. BB held Ashley's vote for the end, and when she cast it we heard an "aww" from the audience. Kara went out for her Julie chat with goodbye hugs for everyone. There was pretty much zero substance to the chat, about all we got was an unnecessarily rude goodbye message from Joe.


Then it's out to play HOH in a comp based on the "news flashes" they got all through the night last night. I'm not sure how many of them threw the comp, but it went in typical BB power flip fashion with Frank going from on the block to up on top. Willie's not freaking out quite as much as one might expect. I think that's in large part because he's convinced he'll be able to win POV. And you never know, he just might do it.

ian jenn

They threw out a new twist to the coaches comp, allowing the winner to either protect a player or make a trade. I immediately predicted that no one will trade, but as soon as we got back in the house, there were lots of discussions about Britney potentially trading Willie. She seems to be considering it, though I'd say it's not a good move. Brit's still super-pissed at Willie, but what she really ought to concentrate on is protecting Shane. If Willie gets the POV, Shane will become the target. And that will happen whether Willie's on Brit's team or not. So, if Brit wins the CC and protects Shane and Willie wins the POV, they both stay and stay on her team. If she trades Willie and he wins the POV, she loses Shane, and Willie's still in the house and now he's mad at her. Plus, now Dan's got a much stronger player. (The assumption is that Brit would trade Willie for Danielle, with the ideal outcome being that Willie still gets evicted and Dan also goes.)

willie shane

Over on Team Dan, things are a mess no matter what. There is that chance that he's going to get stuck with Willie, which either gets him leaving the game, or left in it with a player who will not work well with his coaching style. But even if the teams stay intact, things are odd. I've thought since day 1 that Danielle has such a huge crush on Dan that it's embarrassing. He seems completely oblivious, and I think it's completely legit. He likes her just fine, but it's 100% innocent. And he's well aware of what game he's playing, whereas Danielle, as some in the house have pointed out, seems to think she's on Bachelor Pad, not Big Brother. If there was any doubt about this, it was erased this evening when Dan told Danielle that she needed to go on a "date" with Ian. The claws and hissing from Danielle was palpable. But at the same time, she made it clear that if Dan told her to jump off a bridge, she'd be doing it.


Boogie and Dan did a little work on Chilltown 2.0 this evening. They sat down and compared notes about what they'd gone through as coaches of the nominees this week. Dan asked Boogie what he (B) would have done differently in Dan's place. This is classic Dan brilliance. He wasn't really looking for advice, just trying get insight into how Boogie thinks. I've always said Dan's the non-evil version of Dr. Will. I don't think Boogie respects Dan nearly as much as he respects Will, but he does realize they could make a good team.


Somewhere in the course of the evening Britney got the idea that she could trade Willie for Wil. It could help keep Willie in the game, could help her end up with 3 strong players, and would piss off Janelle. Interestingly enough, Boogie and Dan have a similar idea and are trying to figure out how to get Brit to trade Willie for someone on Janie's team. Brit comes along and the 3 of them have a bit of a chat. But DanBoogie don't want to come right out and say what they're thinking and either Brit's not picking up on the hints or she's playing things super cool.


I'm dead on my feet here (or dead on my chair if you want to get technical), and it's been hard to blog with this batch of HGs since they change their minds so often I can't finish a sentence before it's no longer relevant. I'm going to leave off here for now, with caps of the HOH perp walk and reveal. More substance tomorrow....

hoh perps

basket reveal


Lines of the Show

Kara: I'm all cried out.
(me: not so much)

Frank: If your coach is telling you to vote to evict me, do what's best for your game. But if your coach is telling you to keep me, listen to your coach.

Joe (in Kara's g/b message): Go back to modeling.

Lines of the Day

Britney (about Joe): He drives me frickin' crazy. He's like the police.

Danielle: Kara told me her secret, that she's a bunny.
Dan: Yeah, I never would have guessed that. Of course, I pick the Playmate. My wife's probably at home like....

Dan: You need to go on a date with Ian.
Danielle: Excuse me?
Dan: After he went on the date with Ashley, he said he'd never vote her out.
Danielle: Dan, I've done everything you've said, I made Shane fall for me, thrown competitions, and now Ian? We can negotiate, but....
Dan: Nobody negotiates with me in this game.

Boogie: I don't know, maybe someone has more balls than me.

Boogie: That's the worst, when your enemy wins HOH and you've got to go up to the room.
Janelle: Yeah, like when Scrubika got it, and I was like 'nice flowers, peace out.'

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