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willie stay, or willie go

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posted Friday, 20 July 2012

I was going to save that title for the night before eviction if Willie was on the block, but as has become typical of this season, the HGs have gone and thwarted my best laid blogging plans.

Most of the conversations last night and this morning centered around what would happen after the coaches comp. In the end, none of it mattered. Apparently Britney messed up and went out of the comp first. Consensus is that Dan then threw the comp, and it came down to Janelle and Boogie. Janelle, the Energizer Competitor, pulled out the win. Naturally, Janelle wasn't trading any of her people. She protected Ashley, and got to pick the Have-Nots and chose Willie, Shane and JoJo and Ian volunteered to be the 4th.

brit janie-dan

ashley ian

They came back in to find the alliterative additive foods were pudding and pork rinds. Apparently a few of the non-Have Notties commented that they actually liked those foods, which might have led to more bad feelings from the HNs. Willie moved his stuff in to the HN room and sat down and munched on some pork rinds for a minute or two. Then he got up and declared to Britney, Shane and JoJo, that they didn't have anything to worry about because he was "fixin' to get evicted." At first they told him not to give up, that he still had POV. Then he made clear that he didn't mean it that way--he was going to get himself thrown out of the house. He first started a few days ago threatening to "punch someone in the face." I didn't take him literally, and I don't think BB did either. But today, he stormed up to HOH and told the crew there that he would be out of the house before the eviction. When he left the room Joe said he thought Willie meant he was going to hit someone, probably Joe or Frank, but he was confident either of them could take him.

joe frankboogie

At that moment, the feeds went to trivia, and we didn't see the HGs again for over 4 hours. When they finally do come back we learn that Willie is GONE. It doesn't take long to get the run-down from the HGs of what happened. When Willie left HOH he went downstairs and ended up in a confrontation with Joe in the bathroom and head-butted Joe multiple times. Later on, it's confirmed that Joe did not retaliate physically. The producers came on the PA system and told Willie to come to the DR, and instructed Joe to stay in the bathroom. On his way through the house, Willie taunted Joe to follow him. Janelle, Dan and Boogie were coming down from HOH, and Willie saw them and asked why they were coming downstairs. Janelle answered that they could go wherever they wanted in the house. Willie called her a bitch and threw a bunch of pork rinds at her. Some time later, the rest of them were assembled in the living room and executive producer Allison Grodner came on the loud speaker, told them Willie would not be returning and the game would continue as normal. The HGs have been referring to Willie's exit as an expulsion.


They then had noms (that must have been awkward!) and Shane and JoJo were put up. Apparently Boogie and Frank had a last minute brainstorm to nominate Danielle and someone from their own team, either Ian or Jenn, to make it extremely unlikely that Shane would have a shot at POV, and make it a true backdoor. It got mentioned to Ian and he was not in favor of the idea, so they didn't follow through. After the mess with Willie, noms were pretty anti-climactic, though JoJo did manage to stir up a bit of drama by getting upset that people didn't hug her afterwards. Apparently only Ian, Frank, Danielle and Dan had hugs for her. Think maybe, just maybe, she's being a teeny bit self-centered? But whatever.

shane jojo

This is, in fact, a BB first. HGs have been expelled from the house (BB2 Justin for holding a knife "jokingly" to the throat of another HG, BB4 Scott for throwing a chair towards another HG, and BB11 Chima for drowning her mic, and refusing to follow instructions from production) but this is the first time a HG has actually made physical contact with another HG. There's no way BB can tolerate violence. There've been threats before that have not led to expulsion, but if Willie to have actually head-butted Joe, especially repeatedly, there was no way he wouldn't be out of the house. The most interesting thing will be to see exactly how much they tell us on the show. It will have to addressed on Sunday's show since he left before the noms. Which is another point. Some have been asking why Frank's HOH didn't go the way of Michele's when Chima left. The reason is that Chima's meltdown happened after noms. The producers' position was that since one of Michele's nominees left the house, she had an HOH. If Willie had held out a few more hours, things might have been different. It's a little ironic since Willie was sure to be a nominee.


The rest of the evening has been all about the aftermath. BB did order in pizza for them, letting the Have Notties have a break too. There's lots of chatting about what happened, and lots of comments about how the house is so much calmer without Willie. Losing another HG at this point also adds a new spin onto the question of what will happen with the coaches. But we'll save that discussion for another day.

jenn wil danielle


Lines of the Day

Willie: Don't worry, I'm fixin' to get evicted. There's a bunch of little c*nts up in this motherf**cker.
Boogie: Paging Dr. Zachary!
Boogie: This was a gift from god. You have the first HOH in history where you got to knock out 2 enemies in one week.
JoJo: Even though I'm on the block, I'm just happy he's gone.
JoJo: I'm just glad we didn't cuddle. Ew.
Shane (joking): He said you hooked up.
JoJo: Those sociopaths will fool you every time.
Boogie: Joe took a head-butt so we could get pizza.
Ian: We heard Allison Grodner's sweet voice, and were told Willie would not come back. And the game would go on.
Dan: There's a million dollars of Big Brother knowledge in this room, just waiting to be tapped.
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