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posted Saturday, 21 July 2012

They played the POV comp, and Shane pulled out win #2 of the season. Since his BB life depended on it this time around, it isn't that shocking. The other players in addition to JoJo and Frank, were Ashley, Ian, and Wil. The comp was some sort of a puzzle, and everyone expected Ian to do really well, which he did--he came in second. JoJo, the other motivated nominee came in third. A number of them commented that Ashley did so poorly they thought she was throwing the comp. Others wrote it off to the fact that she knew she was 100% safe and/or that she just sucked.

pov jojo

Back inside, it is pretty much a done deal that Danielle will be the replacement nominee. Conversations have already started about whom to evict, though Frank did try to put a stop to that, pointing out that they've got ages to fight and flip about this. Dan did make a brief attempt to swing Frank and Boogie around to the idea of nom'ing Joe. The idea is that if Janelle loses a player, Boogie's team is the only one left with a full roster. This helps Boogie in one regard, but it really doesn't do anything for Frank, and since he and TeamBoogie have an alliance with TeamJanie, it would sink him with Wil and Ashley. Dan (not knowing about the alliance) did mention that Teams Brit and Janie had an alliance last week, and look how fast they turned on that. But I don't think Frank's worried because he knows he's not going to flip out the way Willie did.

dani dan

Apparently there was alcohol served to the spectators at the POV, and Britney is just a bit toasted. She's also quite relieved that her boy Shane is now safe, so she's quite a bit perkier than she's been for the last few days. There's a great moment where she starts dancing with Wil (sorry for the blurry caps but that's what happens when they spin so much), and she's got that drunken honesty thing going on. She admits that she hasn't been handling the stress of being a coach with a player in jeopardy near as well as Dan has. She also tells Boogie that she'd love to see him play the game in a more Chilltown way--more like he did in BB2/7...making big moves and stirring up the house.

dance1 dance2

Around the house everyone is convinced that when a coach's last player is kicked that coach will go too. They figure if the coaches are going to have a chance to come into the game, only those with players still playing will be eligible. It has occurred to absolutely none of them that a coach might not leave with their last player and maybe losing your team is the way to get into the game. If they do go ahead and boot Danielle for the sole purpose of getting rid of Dan, it would totally serve them right if it completely backfires and ends up giving Dan a chance to play. It also doesn't seem to have occurred to any of them that if the coaches are there to help them that they'd actually be better off in some ways voting out people with whom they share a coach. The DR has apparently been emphasizing to them since day 1 that they are not teams. If it's an individual game, the person who is their coach's only player gets all the attention and advantages.

boogie shane

Joe continues to be utterly and completely full of crap. The first story he blew hugely out of proportion (that Willie's mocking of Wil was actually a full-blown homophobic rant) not only didn't come back to haunt him, but worked out tremendously well from his point of view. He got to keep the person he wanted, completely destroyed Willie's standing in the house. I think that success had made Exaggerator Joe a little cocky and his stories are getting more and more outrageous. Last night he was telling a story about how he came up with the name "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter." No one in the house really questioned him (I don't think any of them cared enough to think about it that much) but livefeeders quickly determined that a.) Joe was 8 years old when ICBINB was developed, and b.) there's a well documented story of where the name came from, and it wasn't Joe. Then today, after the POV Joe told everyone that Danielle had broken down and was crying, and that Dan had her "all wrapped up" (and made a gesture to indicate he had his arms around her). The reality was Danielle was sad/worried laying in one bed and Dan was talking to her from the next bed. Later on Boogie asked Dan if Danielle had been crying and he said "no, not at all. why?" and Boogie responded that Joe really liked to stir stuff up. I'm thinking a lot of them will start to catch on to him pretty soon. Hopefully before he starts making crazy statements about how he invented the Internet, or the question mark.

whatevs joe

After talking with Frank and Boogie, Dan realizes that anything that happens to Danielle this week is really all about him. He goes downstairs and tells her that he really can't help her out. She's almost surely going up as the replacement nominee and if he tries to fight for her, it's just going to make things worse because everyone is thinking getting her out is a way to get rid of him. I'm not quite sure why she doesn't see that he's exactly right, but she doesn't. Instead she asks him to tell her what to do, and he reiterated that he can't help her. She then asks if he's saying they can't hang out, and though he doesn't say yes, he sort of says they need to be careful not to be perceived as "scheming. She basically feels like he's breaking up with her, and she goes into the arcade room and does breakdown into those tears Joe accused her of shedding earlier.

prayer cry

A little while later, after she's been to the DR, Dan catches up with her and tells her that the only reason he told her she was on her own was to make her realize how serious her situation is. He felt like she felt safe and he just wanted her not feel that way. She sort of doesn't buy it and thinks he's backpedaling because he realizes he hurt her feelings. He has a great line where he tells her that he doesn't really care if he hurt her feelings, he just needs her to play all out (it didn't come out as heartless as it sounds in print...just very much "I'm you're coach, not your friend). Danielle promises that she's taking things very seriously. She does admit that she felt abandoned, and despite what he said, Dan apologizes and gives her a hug. So, in the end, Joe's lies all came true.

hug evil dan

Danielle does go to work later on and chats with Frank about the fact that she doesn't want to end up being kicked just because Dan's her coach. She makes the point that it's not really fair to her game to boot her out for something that has nothing to do with her. Frank agrees, saying he went through the same issue last week with everyone telling him how much they hated Boogie. Frank might not want to bring this up to often since he told everyone last week that he couldn't stand Boogie and was just waiting to separate from him, but as soon as he won HOH that sentiment was clearly history. In any case, Danielle also checks in briefly with Ian, Shane and Ashley (all separately). They all tell her they'd rather keep her over JoJo, but no one's committing to anything, and it's not at all clear whether it's all bull sh-ugar pops (© BB12 Andrew).


They had some fun tonight with Janelle, Ashley, Danielle and Britney getting dressed up as valley girls, and Wil as his straight alter-ego, Craig. They did a little skit/dancing. It was quite entertaining. And it bonded Danielle a bit with Janelle/Ashley. Shortly afterwards Janie and Ash had a chat about how important it is to keep Danielle this week. They pulled Wil in and told him about it. He was initially hesitant, but after a bit he sort of came around. Janelle told them not to let on to Frank just yet that this was the plan, and just be noncommittal. I don't think she's talked to Joe, and he's incredibly anti-Dan so he might be beyond hope anyway. On the other hand, I think there's a chance that they could sway Ian or Jenn, and maybe even TeamBoogie as a whole.


Meanwhile, Dan is so on to Joe's game that it's not even funny. Joe made a comment about how Dan would have to be going to work for Danielle, but rather than rise to it, Dan just shrugged and said he hadn't been able to save Kara, so he probably wouldn't be able to save Danielle either. Anyone who's paying attention should notice that this is the exact demeanor that saved Dan in Week 2 of S10.

joe dan

Late in the evening, the game talks breakdown this way:

  • Janelle tells Ashley they need to keep Danielle. Ashley agrees. They want to ultimately target Shane and Frank and feel like Danielle's a better ally in that than JoJo.
  • Janelle tells Will they need to keep Danielle. He balks because he's more concerned about getting rid of Dan. But as they explain the Frank/Shane plan he waivers a bit.
  • Wil makes a pinky swear to Danielle that he "has her back." She takes it a safety deal, but he might well split that semantic hair later.
  • Boogie/Frank pull Shane in and clue him in that they're planning to kick JoJo, but make him swear not to tell anyone. The deal is that they'll team up against TeamJanie going forward.
  • Boogie/Frank start worrying about how they're going to sell the KeepDani plan to TeamJanie, which is just ironic b/c it's what TeamJanie wants anyway. Well, TeamJanie sans Joe.

So, who knows if this week will be as flippy as last. But that's where we are for now.


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