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mutual combat

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posted Sunday, 22 July 2012

There's been nothing of note on the feeds, and I'm hoping it stays that way for a bit. The POV meeting should be tomorrow, Shane will veto himself, and Danielle will go up. All signs are still pointing toward JoJo going at the moment, but we'll have a few days for them to flip around on that.

danielle jojo

But first....the Sunday show. Or more accurately, the Willie show.

We had a lot of build-up that was pointless for the livefeeders, but necessary for the TVOVs. The beginnings of Willie's meltdown, all the stressing about possible trades, and the lead up to the coaches comp. Inserted in there was the obligatory showmance segment. Yes, yes, Danielle's in love with Shane, and he's playing along (sort of) but frankly, isn't all that into her. The most humourous moment of the segment was Danielle saying Shane was chasing her. That must have been a DR session about her dreams. The slop date bit was SuperCute, almost as cute as it was on the feeds.


ashley ian

The coaches comp was what it was. Britney's dropping of the money looked almost intentional, though I really don't think it was. I also don't think Boogie stepped off early on purpose; he had no reason not to win the comp. He's just cocky and wasn't paying attention. And to lose something on a jump-off technicality serves him completely right after what happened in the BB7 final 3 endurance comp. Regardless, the practical outcome was going to be the same whether Boogie or Janelle won. And, it's not at all shocking that Dan did, in fact, throw the comp. He's playing this season just like he did BB10. Whether it's going to work out as well for him is still anyone's guess at this point.

janie dan

On to the main event. We had already seen Willie's stomping around the house and ranting on the feeds. On the show they conveniently left out the fact that the HOH crew understood Willie to be threatening violence when he said he was going to get himself evicted before walking out the door. They also left out Joe saying that he could take him, and that he was going to go and antagonize him. Watching the actual confrontation, or at least what they chose to show us, was quite interesting. From what we saw, Willie charged into the bathroom and Joe pulled up his fists. No matter what he might say, this was not a defensive move on Joe's part. If he wanted to take a defensive stance, he should have had his hands open, and been stepping backwards. Instead, Joe was continually stepping forward. Joe was as much in Willie's face as Willie was in Joe's. In fact, watching the fight in slow-motion, I could see that leading up to the physical contact, it was Joe who was the aggressor (i.e. moving toward Willie as Willie remained in place). The contact we saw was that as Joe got close, Willie thrust his shoulder into Joe to push him back. The "head butt" was really incidental contact. To be fair, that's only what we saw. The HGs have said that there were multiple head butts. At this point though, I don't buy it for two reasons. One, as I've been saying for a while now, Joe is utterly full of crap. He exaggerates things so much that I'm quite sure he's overstating the fight. Secondly, if Willie was more violent, it would be in the show's interest to include that to further explain the expulsion.


The bottom line is that Willie did commit an act of physical violence and there was no way he wasn't getting immediately ejected from the game. However, Joe certainly contributed to the situation. He intentionally antagonized Willie, not only verbally, but physically. I don't in any way condone Willie's behavior. It wasn't appropriate behavior on a human level, and it certainly wasn't good gameplay. But I have some big issues with Joe's behavior as well.


That's all for now. I'm really hoping for a quiet day or so to let me get caught up on sleep and some of those pesky "real life" things that get in the way of BB.

jenn wil

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