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desperately seeking scheming

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posted Monday, 23 July 2012

The HGs are being quite cooperative in giving the livefeeders a little break after the crazy first week. It was veto meeting day, and Shane mentioned a plan to JoJo to talk to Frank about possibly putting up Wil against her instead of Danielle. I don't think he ever actually made this pitch to Frank, and I'm not sure he ever intended to, but in any case, nothing came of it. Shane vetoed himself and Danielle went up as the repl-nom.

shane danielle

So now we enter the campaign phase of the week. And things are odd. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the week (well, post-Willie-apocalypse) the idea was to get out Shane if possible, but if he got the POV, go for Danielle to get to Dan. For no apparent reason, everyone who was on the KillDan plan, is now so over it that it's not even funny. Instead they're thinking break up the team of Shane and JoJo and get Coach Britney down to one player. It seems all the various factions have come to the KeepDani conclusion, and they're geared up to start scurrying and scheming to get everyone else on their side. But since they're already all on the same page, there's no scheming to be done.


But that's not going to stop them from trying. First Janelle and Ashley put their heads together and decided to Kill JoJo. They got Wil on board, but didn't pull in Joe right away since he's so anti-Dan. They also agreed they'd have to keep quiet until late in the week as far as talking with TeamBoogie since TB clearly wants Danielle out. But, at just the same time Boogie and Frank were upstairs coming to the same conclusion on Kill JoJo. And they were equally worried that TeamJanie wouldn't want to go for it.

wil ashley

Then Frank/Boogie pulled Shane into a pow-wow and explained to him how JoJo's a liability, and they're going to have to vote her out. He's meant to vote to keep her so everyone still thinks he's public enemy number 1, but in reality what Team Boogie wants is for Shane to win HOH and ultimately target Wil or Joe. Shane is warned not to clue in Britney, and so far he hasn't. He told her much of what he discussed with FrankBoogie, but did not tell her about the deal or that JoJo was as good as gone. And then, as I mentioned, he even tried to convince JoJo he was working for her, but it seems that was just a spool of lies.

boogie frank

Meanwhile Dan's been going around telling everyone that he's thinking Danielle's going to go. This is serving the purpose of getting Danielle on the campaign trail, and convincing the others that he's not all that confident in his strategy. As the BigThreat Coach he's starting to blend into the background, just like he did as a player week 2 of BB10. There was an incredibly funny conversation last night between Boogie and Dan where Boogie was trying to tell Dan how to play the game strategically. Dan, being Dan, was simply listening and saying things like "oh, that's a good idea" and "really, do you think I should do that?" But when it comes to strategy, Dan runs circles around Boogie. In fact, he somehow got Boogie to spill pretty much all his plans, without Dan giving up anything. And for whatever it's worth, today Dan is wearing his Dr. Will tribute shorts, and his Memphis tribute hat. If he whips out a Renegade-red bandana I may fall out of my chair laughing.


Dan's also talked with Janelle a bit, and though she doesn't spill as much, she's still got her team firmly in the KeepDani camp for the week. And everything is shaking out nicely so that TeamBoogie and TeamJanie are going to be going at each other for the next couple of weeks, probably through Shane. Meanwhile Ian's in there with a naïveté that I think is sincere, talking about the alliance of 6 (TeamBoogie+TeamJanelle) as if it's for real, but yet explaining to them how there's a good chance they're going to have to nom one of their own next week. If, say, Ian wins HOH and noms Shane/Danielle, Shane wins POV again, they'll have to "pawn" from "the 6." Everyone knows this and most of them see it as a way to get rid of one of them. But when Ian talks about it he sounds sincerely concerned.


In an interesting turn, Wil explained the benefit of Keep Dani to Joe and for some reason, Joe jumped right on board. Then today Joe went and conferred with Frank, and made to convince him that Danielle should stay. Of course, since Frank was getting geared up to convince Joe of the same thing, it didn't take much effort at all. Then Joe went on to propose a Kill Wil (yes, Wil) plan. Joe sees that Wil is Janelle's top player and realizes that he's got to get Wil out of his way. Of course this is all fine and dandy with Frank. Not only does he need Wil out of his way as well, but now he has the info in his back pocket that Joe is ready to sacrifice Wil, and he can pull that out if he ever needs it.

jojo joe

Boogie, Frank and Joe, and to a slightly lesser extent Janelle and Wil all believe they are running the game. The truth is that if anyone's running it, it's Dan. Or possibly Ted.

ted tedboogie

Oh, and Jenn's still in there.


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