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posted Tuesday, 24 July 2012

There was actually a small amount of drama last night when Ashley, who continues to drive both the HGs and the livefeeders crazy with her apparent ditziness, wandered into the bathroom and started lamenting her decision to vote to evict Kara. Jenn, Shane, Danielle and JoJo were there for her little meltdown. Ashley got a little teary eyed, saying she missed Kara, and then seemingly out of left field threw out the idea that Frank and Ian have a Final 2 deal and the rest of them were screwed.

frank ash

With the exception of Jenn, this was the oddest group of people to have this conversation with. Not only is it the 3 people who she didn't vote with last week, but it's the 2 nominees who are going to be going against each other for her vote this week, and the teamie of the person she's regretting booting. If Ashley's regret was sincere, Danielle would be the last person whom she should expect to feel sorry for her.

awkward turtle

Jenn was completely baffled as to why Ashley would say this to this particular group, and started getting worried that Ash was going to flip this week. Also, she'd just been told that her teamies had a deal with each other, and more importantly, not with her. She apparently went and gave Ian a heads up about the accusation, and he said it was crap. Then he told Frank, who also said it was crap (I'm pretty sure it actually is complete bullsh-ugar pops). Later on Frank pulled Ashley in to HOH and told her that while he had been offered a number of F2 deals, he hadn't actually taken any, though he admitted he didn't say no--just kept his options open. He also told her that Ian had not made such an offer.

jenn ian

Jenn also went and spilled all to Wil, who freaked out just a tiny bit. He went to Janelle with the worry that Ashley was flipping and the 2 of them joined in the HOH convo with Frank and Ashley and told her that she really shouldn't have her little breakdowns around "the other side." At this point Ashley started in with her little baby voice and batting eyes saying she didn't mean anything by it, she was just sad and missing Kara, and further claimed that she hadn't been crying and it was all getting blown way out of proportion. She turned it around a little bit on Jenn, saying that she was way overreacting (even took the opportunity to throw out the line "just like Joe always does").

joe janwil

She then made her way down to the have-not room and chatted with Shane, JoJo and Britney about everyone was soooo mean to her and they were all yelling at her just because she was sad. She also talked about how she should have voted with them last week, but mean old Janelle told her not to. But the end of that quick chat, TeamBrit's eyes had all gotten real big and they were halfway convinced they've swayed Ashley.

brit jojo

Then today Ashley and Jenn had another little chat. Jenn apparently tried earlier to talk with Ash about what happened last night and Ashley kind of blew her off. Jenn felt "disrespected" by that (I'm starting to think that's going to be a refrain from Jenn all summer). Ashley told her she didn't mean to be disrespectful and apologized if it came out that way. She said she just felt like things got blown out of proportion. Jenn threw out there that yeah, they did, by her own team. This time around Ashley said absolutely, it was all on Wil and Joe. She also said that it was kind of good if people thought Jenn and Ashley were sort of on the outs so they wouldn't look like an alliance. Jenn was all over that.


Once again, this week is becoming all about WTF is Ashley thinking. Unlike last week, I don't think it really matters. It seems most likely that Shane will vote out Danielle, and everyone else will vote on JoJo. There's a chance Ashley could flip, but that would seem particularly stupid in a week where it won't matter. In a certain sense, I think Ashley is playing a really good game. She's got them all convinced she's a total airhead. She's in good with just about everybody, but rather than going with the typical under the radar method, she stirs stuff up every once in a while and then uses the fallout to run to one side or the other and get in a just a little bit better with them. The problem is that she's so damn annoying as she does it, that she's driving everyone, HGs and livefeeders alike, totally batty. Or, possibly she's gone batty.


JoJo did make an aborted attempt to form a GrrlPower alliance with Jenn and Ashley. She started talking about how the guys are going to be running the game and that after this week they'd be down to 3 girls. The implication was that they'd be better off with her as the third than Danielle, but she didn't come right out and say that. And Jenn either legitimately didn't realize what JoJo was getting at, or pretended not to to avoid the awkwardness. Instead of responding to it as a JoJo vs. Dani question, Jenn just commented on whether the guys were actually playing better and/or the comps were biased. She just made the point that they really hadn't played that many comps yet, and even the ones that were more physical didn't have to favor a guy.

boogie dan

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