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loyally brainwashed

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posted Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I pretty sure JoJo is D-U-N, done (©BB9 Natalie). She has hit the campaign trail for the last couple of days, trying to stress to everyone that she's LOYAL and they should keep her because she'll stick by her word. But in the same breath as saying this, she tries to explain why she stuck by Willie by saying that he brainwashed her. She's been advised to stress that she made a mistake by sticking with Willie, and that's where the brainwashing thing comes from. I think the loyalty thing is really the point she wants to make. The problem is that either she's super loyal, and that's why she stuck by Willie. Or she was brainwashed by Willie, which makes her seem weak-minded. Either argument is not one to keep her in the game.


They got a big booze delivery last night, and they've agreed to take drinking shifts, so only half of them were indulging. Danielle got quite tipsy and Dan got really worried that she was going to say something she shouldn't. She kept herself reasonably well under control. Britney also got nicely toasted, and her entertaining side came out a bit. But Brit also took the opportunity to try to pry info out of Danielle. But the biggest drunk move was from Joe. He downed an entire bottle of wine, plus a few beers and then ended up chatting with JoJo. She was asking what she needed to do to secure votes, and he started giving her all sorts of advice. Then he offered her a deal where he gave her something he had stolen from one of the comps ("eBay gold" as Ian would say) which he valued at $1200, and in exchange he wanted 2 packs of cigarettes. JoJo coughed up the cigs and asked if she had his vote in return. He told her if she got to work and got the other votes then he would swear on his kids to vote to keep her. She only heard the second part, and thinks she has his vote wrapped up. She also thinks she's got Ashley after the whole mess with the meltdown about the Frank/Ian final 2 deal. The cigarette deal could prove interesting, if JoJo demands their return on live TV. (late breaking news: apparently Ashley told JoJo it's not looking good, and JoJo went and grabbed up all the cigarettes including the negotiated packs. Joe is considering asking for them back.....)

jojo joe

One of JoJo's big campaign motifs is that Janelle is out to get her. She's trying to sell an alliance to people like Ashley and Jenn with the idea that they're the "outcasts" of their respective coach's groups. Janelle gets wind of the fact that JoJo's been talking about her, and decides to go on the offensive a bit. (Actually, she said she was bored and wanted to start some drama.) She pulls Danielle in and spills about an incident that happened last week when Willie was HOH and JoJo was talking about Danielle, saying she was fat, etc. This is definitely a button for Danielle and she gets pretty upset. Janelle asks if she wants to confront JoJo. Danielle says no, she's not the confrontational type. At one point she does say if Janie goes to talk to JoJo, she'll stand by and "look at her and make it uncomfortable" but she won't say anything because she'd start crying. I think Janelle ultimately felt kind of bad about bringing it up since all it really accomplished was getting Danielle's feelings hurt.

dani janie


They were on lockdown for a while, and when they got out there was a huge practice apparatus, surely for tomorrow's HOH comp. It's some sort of hockey type Crapshoot Comp. (©BB6/7 Howie). I haven't seen enough of the practicing to get a sense of if any of them have an edge. But that's the beauty of the could be anyone's game.

comp comp

In other news, Dan's on like day 4 of wearing the same shirt. I believe he is involved in some sort of dare.....(actually, he just does this...did it BB10 too.)

the shirt

One more update on cigarette-gate. Joe asked JoJo why she took them back. She first played it off like, oh, I wasn't thinking, just packing. Then she pulled him into the HN room and told him that it seemed she was leaving and she didn't want Frank/Janelle benefiting from her cigs. Joe told her he's told everyone he's voting for her, and doesn't know what the rest of them are doing. That's actually the complete opposite of the truth. He's told everyone he's kicking her, and everyone else has been open about the fact that she's going. But, she bought it and gave him the packs back.


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