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damn, dan

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posted Friday, 22 August 2008

Someone made a deal with the devil...we're just not sure yet who is in which role.

Dan and Ollie reached an accord before Ollie dropped off the jungle vine last night. Between the feeds being blocked for 30 minutes during the critical time, and horrid audio on the feeds all night (cam3 was showing trivia for over 12 hours!...In the words of BB8 Jen..."That's messed up, Big Brother.") it was hard to catch the details.

CBS sucks

There's something ironic about the trivia answer I happened to cap.... Anyway, between updates around the 'net and what I've heard today, it seems the deal was this:

  1. Ollie is safe from noms and repl-noms.
  2. Ollie gets to pick someone else to be equally safe, and he picked Michelle.
  3. Ollie gets to pick one of the nominees, and he picked Memphis.
  4. If the POV is used, Ollie gets to pick the repl-nom.

My reaction when I heard all that? I actually involuntarily, yelled out loud "What?! That's crazy!"

Memphis' reaction? "That's f*cked up. He might as well be HOH."


No kidding. Giving Ollie all that power accomplishes only one thing for Dan...he can't be nominated himself. Of course, he could have easily made that deal and given Ollie the HOH. Dan's explanation is that he's trying to cast suspicion off his own alliance with Memphis. For all the good that will do him if one of his allies gets kicked this week. Not to mention the fact that no one's going to trust him.


On the other hand, Dan's dropped hints that he just may not stick to the deal. He's sort of said that what he'd like to do is nom Jerry and Memphis, then have someone veto Memphis (Keesha would be ideal), and then Dan turns around and breaks his word and noms Michelle.


Maybe Dan has a plan. Scratch that--Dan has a plan. But what exactly that plan might be is unclear. I don't think he's really after Jerry anymore. I think they all realized last night that Jerry is ideal to keep around to F3 because there's no way he'll win the endurance part of the final HOH.

Rather than speculate on all the possibilities, I'm just going to wait and see how the next few days fall out. At least it ought to be interesting.


After seeing Dan's HOH stuff last night Michelle and Ollie became more convinced than ever that he's a producer's plant. Their reasons? First, they recognized Monica...Ollie is sure he saw her at a BB audition thing. They're thinking she's the 14th HG. What they seem to have forgotten is that Dan told them all that he and Monica were supposed to be the "secret couple" on BB9, but she backed out. Maybe Ollie did see her somewhere, maybe not. But by the end of the night M&O were convinced that they'd seen every single person in Dan's pics before.

d&m dan's pics

Then there's the Great Jacket Conspiracy. The fact that he brought a rain jacket to SoCal and thought to dress appropriately for the comp. is "proof" that he's the producer's pawn. There's also something about the fact that he wears the same shirt every day (which is, admittedly, strange...and a little gross). He got a new shirt in his HOH goodie basket...but that's just more proof of....something.


The best conspiracy theory actually came from Aprollie/Michelle before April was kicked. They became convinced that the giant lollipops were a sign of the Twist....because they're twisted! (The lollys that is, not the HGs...they're twisted too, but that's not what they meant.)



Part II

Right before noms Memphis told Dan he thought his plan sucked. Memph. doesn't like the idea of having to count on Renny. Smart boy, as Renny's told just about everyone that she doesn't trust Memphis.


They go off for noms and we come back to find Jerry and Memphis nominated, to no one's surprise. It's all about the veto now. Dan scurries around and eventually has seemed to convince Renny to align with him/Keesha/Memphis...they're even talking about alliance names.

new allies new alliance 2

Meanwhile, in the other room Michelle and Ollie are telling Jerry that if any of them win veto, Jerry will be saved because Dan has to put up whomever Ollie says.

jerbear king ollie

But Dan's upstairs telling M/K/R that he's not sticking to that part of the deal....if anyone comes down, Michelle goes up. Unless, of course, Michelle gets the veto, in which case, Ollie goes up. Dan goes on to say he'll be going to confession after BB. (lol) He really does seem to be trying to be the non-evil version of Dr. Will. It's not quite working for him. Tonight we had a slightly lame attempt to recreate the duckie puppet show. It's one thing to learn from those who went before you, but your own game.

kween keesha

duckies redux king dan

So there's still some high drama potential. They've been on lockdown for hours, so I'm really hoping for an overnight POV like last week. Things got a little interesting, and uncomfortable, when they got a small amount of alcohol and got into some debates about anthropology (how many races are there?), OJ (again), and finally politics. Renny made some wildly inappropriate, yet rather humorous comments. In the end Ollie and Michelle moved on to yo' momma jokes....

Late breaking LotD (I was going to give LotD to myself for "What?! That's crazy?"):

Keesha: I don't like that he (Jerry) picks his nose so much.
Renny: That's not like all older people.
Keesha: I know. It's not like I'm gonna get old and started digging around all in there.

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