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reading between the lies

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posted Saturday, 23 August 2008

They played the veto comp today and it sounds like it had some sort of a space theme, using Matt and Natalie's "flying angels" apparatus from last year.  When they picked players it sounds like Dan picked Renny, Memphis picked Keesha, and Jerry got HG's choice and chose Michelle.  No one was terribly happy about Jerry's choice.  Michollie thought it would seem suspicious to "the other side" and of course "the other side" wanted to be sure Michelle didn't win.

In the end it didn't matter.  Memphis won.   Dan practically molested Memphis in a celebration in HOH.

cele-brate good times

So, now it's a game of Track the Lies.

Dan asked Ollie if he's told Michelle/Jerry about Deal #3.  Ollie said no.  Lie #1.


Ollie asked Dan what he's going to say to Memphis about using the veto.  Dan said he's going to try to get him not to use it.  Lie #2.

sort of liar

Ollie asked Dan if he was still going to honor part 3 of the deal.  Dan said yes.  Lie #3.


Ollie and Michelle have formed the alliance of the Delusional Duo.  They both solidly believe that Dan is going to stick to The Deal.  Ollie trots up to HOH and tells Dan that he'd really rather nom Keesha, but since Dan said K's the one he wants to keep safe, he'll go for Renny.  But since he's not getting to pick the one he really wants, he says Dan should have to agree to keep Jerry in the event of a tie.  And then in Delusional Line of the Day, Ollie says "I think I at least deserve that."  Are you freakin' kidding me?  You don't deserve crap.....and you're not gettin' crap.....

delusional diva

So, the plan at the moment seems to be this: Memphis will veto himself.  Up until the last minute, Dan will let Ollie believe The Deal is in place.  But Dan will repl-nom Michelle.  The shit will hit the fan.  Keesha/Renny/Memphis will vote to evict Michelle.  They will also try to convince Jerry that they "saved" him and he should ditch Ollie.


I'm starting to think that Dan might really have had a Plan here.  Once he breaks The Deal, Michelle/Ollie/Jerry will all be all about how Dan has lost their jury votes (and April's).  Which makes him an ideal choice for Memphis/Keesha/Renny as an F2 partner, and he didn't really have Mich/O/J/A in the first place, after Jessie-gate.  If he sticks to The Deal, he loses Memphis/Keesha/Renny.

plan man    allaihug

Of course none of them know it's a Fast Forward on  Thursday.  If Ollie wins the FF HOH Dan is, well, FF'ed.  There's always POV...and everyone plays from here on out.

They got alcohol tonight and Dan and Memphis launched into a game of beer pong.  It was all beer (well, sort of...Coors Light), but Dan, always concerned about his reputation, put a bottle of Sprite on the if that would fool anyone.


beerpong   beerpong

Lines of the Beer Pong Game: 

Dan: 12:30 on a Saturday night in Michigan.  I wonder what my players are doing.
Memphis: Laughing at you for playing beer pong with Sprite.
[Ball bounces on the table and into one of Memphis' cups.]
Dan: Bounce counts.
Memphis: No, once it hits the table it's out of play.
Dan: Okay, drink this one, it's grandfathered in. From now on that's the rule.
Memphis [drinks]: Dude, that's so Bojangles. 
(I still don't know what that means...but it cracks me up every time he says it.) 
Dan: If they ask about this in the, uh, the Dairy Queen, it's Sprite. 
BB: Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests.
Dan: They're on the button tonight.
[Me: Wouldn't it be great if BB had said "Houseguests you are not allowed to talk about the Dairy Queen with other houseguests"?] 

Lines of the Day: 

Dan: There was a third part to the deal, but obviously that's not happening now.  So if you hear anything....
Renny: What the shit does that mean?  In like lay terms?
Memphis: This beer is skunked.
Dan: I think that's just what Coors tastes like. 
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