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and here weeeeee goooooo......

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posted Thursday, 21 August 2008

While I'm waiting impatiently for the feeds to come thoughts on the liveshow....

Most outrageous comment: "I have nothing bad to say about Keesha." --April
Best 'inside' or 'outside' (the house) joke: "Having a baby together?" --Julie
Dumbest/"you're not fooling anyone" moment: "I vote to evict Je--I vote to evict April." --Dan
Worst fashion choice: Thing that looked like a butt on her head. --Renny

So, April goes 4-1, with Ollie obviously being the one vote to keep her. The April/Ollie family segment would have been a lot more interesting if they could have talked about what was really going on.... I'd totally believe that his parents have been spared the gory details, but you know her sister knows what went on. But this is still a family show.

It was immediately obvious from the attire that Jerry knew he was staying and April knew she was going before the HOH endurance comp. It would have almost been worth keeping April to see her try to compete in that dress and heels. Almost, but not quite.

By my clock the comp. started at 5:51 BBT. It's sort of a variation on the BB9 disco ball/stripper pole comp, with a bit of the BB8 clock/bat hanging thing thrown in. And then the "twist" for this one is that while they're hanging there they occasionally start to swing and get thrown against a "wall." It actually looks kind of fun to me.


Sitting on a disk with a rope between the legs is worse for the guys for obvious reasons. Even before the show ended we hear Memphis crying out "oh, my nuts!" And by the time the feeds kick in around 30 minutes into the comp., it's surprising to see all 6 of them still hanging in.

all in

Jerry goes first, at 6:31 BBT, 40 minutes in. He falls saying he can't feel his legs and takes a few minutes to sit and recover.

jerrys still there jerry slips
jerry down

Keesha was looking okay, and I thought she might be in it for a while, but she goes next, right as they're slammed into the wall at 6:54, 1 hour 3 minutes in.

keesha up keesha down

At about an hour and a half in, as the 3 onlookers look on, most cameras are on Memphis, with an occasional shot of Dan. BB often seems to know who to watch in these things....somehow. But I certainly wouldn't count Michelle or Ollie out. And with the last end. comp. I thought April looked bad from the beginning, and then she ended up'll just have to wait and see.


danny memphis


7:47 BBT, 1 hour 56 minutes in, Michelle falls. I didn't see it, but she said something about getting caught in the netting. No Jessie to pick her up this time, but she got some help from Jerry and Keesha. Michelle was not happy..saying she was "ripped off." I'm not sure if she meant literally, or in the comp. The down ones head inside for coffee...."thanks for the support, guys" says Dan....what he should say is "thanks for the opportunity to make some deals."

mich down I get by

And finally...we find the 14th HG. They seem to have water balloons, and Jerry and Memphis start tossing them back and forth--yes, while Memphis is still in the comp. (dumbass). Memphis calls out "10 points if I hit the girl with the camera, and the feed operator zooms right in on her. Shortly after, we cut to trivia.

mystery guest

At 3 hours in, it's still the Bruised Ball Boys hangin' in there. The sideliners are all nervousing a bit. Dan's looking not so great...but we only know that because he's now the one the camera is having a showmance with. Memphis lost the focus a while ago, and we've barely seen Ollie all night. Though we finally did get one headshot, I'm pretty sure Ollie hasn't said a word in at least 2 hours. He really wants it....but all I can think is that I'm not sure I can take a week of him as would be All About April Again...or we'd all die of boredom.


1 shot wonder dan the man

While I'm waiting for something to happen...was it my imagination or did Dan's cross reappear in one of his DR sessions on tonight's show? And here I was about to give it its own "Parting Shot.", it wasn't my imagination:

it's baaaack....

9:07 BBT, 3 hours 16 mins....Memphis falls. As he lays there in an almost crucifixion-like pose, Michelle calls out "Memphis? You alright?" After a short pause he responds, "well, I'm not dead."

mem down mem down 2

So now it's all up to Dan. The "deal" talks have started....I just hope he remembers what the other half of Aprollie did after her "deal" with Michelle. NEVER TRUST ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS DURING AN ENDURANCE COMP!

end of the end

And finally at 9:38 BBT, 3 hours 47 minutes in, Ollie agreed to drop. The only deal that was actually made as far as I heard was that Ollie doesn't go up "no matter what." Dan even offered him safety for someone else, but I never heard him take it.

ollie down

Dan was lowered down shortly after, and they all sort of rallied around both of them, it's tea and sympathy and warm socks all around. The best part of the whole thing was when Dan peeled off his well chosen comp. clothes (he probably wouldn't have made it without the pink Jedi gloves and the waterproof jacket) and he's got his "uniform" on underneath....


I'll try to hang out for the HOH reveal, but I'm not promising anything--it really would be helpful if BB would give the schedule in advance so I know when I need to take a Friday off from work.

P.S. If you care and/or think it matters, vote for whom you want to get a phone call from home at I'm suspicious of the prods and their poll wording ever since the BB9 "America's Vote" rip-off. And the question is "who would you like to see get a call from home?" And just like Jessie's letter from home, they didn't specify whose home....

P.P.S. Just to reinforce my theory that the BB producers are manipulative a$$holes...the last 30 minutes of the comp. with all the critical negotiations were blocked from the feeds. Which would be bad enough if it weren't for the fact that they were running on Showtime! On the one hand, at least we could watch somewhere...on the other hand, what's the point of blocking the feeds when BBAD is on? It doesn't make us more likely to subscribe to CBS' just pisses us off. 24x7 unlimited access, my eye!

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